2009-12-15 Jim HuangMerge branch 'beagle-donut' of gitorious.org:0xdroid... beagle-donut-0x3
2009-12-15 Jim Huang[jpeg2rle] Linked to host-built static libjpeg
2009-12-14 Jeremy Chang[build] Use arm-android-eabi-gdb in gdbclient.
2009-12-11 Jim Huang[build] Added utility 'jpeg2rle' to convert from JPEG...
2009-12-10 Jim Huang[product] Enable boot logo for Beagleboard.
2009-12-02 Jim Huang[build] Use GIT_PAGER and only perform "git log" when...
2009-11-11 Jim Huang[build] Include Ethernet mananger in build target.
2009-11-02 Tick Chen[Phone Contacts] As in roadmap, move Phone and Contact...
2009-10-22 Tick ChenMake key character map files readable.
2009-10-21 Jim Huang[build] ubifs message tweaks.
2009-10-21 Tick ChenAdding TARGET_USERIMAGES_USE_UBIFS suppor UBIFS
2009-10-21 Jim Huang[build] Forcely use "less" as pager utility for 'showlog'
2009-10-21 Tick Chen0xdroid: build: Adding function showlog that helps...
2009-10-20 Tick Chen[Product] [board] Import product and board: beagleboard
2009-10-20 Jim Huang[build] Added cflag CANT_PASS_VALIST_AS_CHARPTR to...
2009-10-20 Jim HuangClean build flags since -msoft-float is equivalent...
2009-10-20 Jim HuangMigrate to arm-android-eabi-4.4.1 and armv7-a optimizat...
2009-10-09 Jean-Baptiste... reconcile tools-docs into main branch beagle-donut-startpoint
2009-09-03 The Android... DRC65 android-sdk-1.6-docs_r1 android-sdk-tools_r2
2009-09-03 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-09-03 Android (Google... Merge change 23037 into donut
2009-09-02 The Android... DRC63C
2009-09-01 The Android... DRC63B
2009-09-01 The Android... DRC63
2009-09-01 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-09-01 Scott Maindocs only.
2009-08-31 The Android... DRC62
2009-08-31 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-31 Anonymous CowardRemove WebSearchProvider from build specs.
2009-08-29 Android (Google... Merge change 22522 into donut
2009-08-28 The Android... DRC59
2009-08-28 The Android... DRC58C
2009-08-27 Dirk DoughertyDoc changes for SDK update.
2009-08-27 The Android... DRC58B
2009-08-27 The Android... DRC58
2009-08-27 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-27 Doug Zongkerallow prebuilts to specify LOCAL_CERTIFICATE so they...
2009-08-26 Doug Zongkerfix typo in bash expression
2009-08-26 Doug Zongkerturn down allowed image size
2009-08-25 Android (Google... Merge change 22524 into donut
2009-08-25 Scott Maindocs only.
2009-08-25 Brett ChabotAdd Gesture tests to CTS.
2009-08-24 Phil DubachCTS: Add missing make dependencies for application...
2009-08-24 Phil DubachCTS: Add application security tests to makefile
2009-08-24 Android (Google... Merge change 22448 into donut
2009-08-24 Doug Zongkerincremental OTAs should remove /system/recovery.img
2009-08-21 Android (Google... Merge change 22354 into donut
2009-08-21 Scott Maindocs only.
2009-08-21 Android (Google... Merge change 22348 into donut
2009-08-21 Scott Maindocs only.
2009-08-21 Android (Google... Merge change 21778 into donut
2009-08-21 The Android... DRC52
2009-08-21 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-21 Doug Zongkerfix signing user builds
2009-08-20 The Android... DRC51
2009-08-20 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-20 Android (Google... Merge change 20234 into donut
2009-08-20 Phil DubachCTS: Enable Python description/plan generator
2009-08-19 The Android... DRC50
2009-08-19 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-19 Scott MainDOCS ONLY.
2009-08-18 The Android... DRC49
2009-08-17 The Android... DRC48
2009-08-14 The Android... DRC45B
2009-08-14 The Android... DRC45
2009-08-13 The Android... DRC44
2009-08-13 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-12 Sriram RamanFix the platform version (1.6 now) and sdk version (4)
2009-08-12 Android (Google... Merge change 21000 into donut
2009-08-12 Sriram RamanUpdate the platform-version-codename
2009-08-12 The Android... DRC43
2009-08-12 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-12 Gaurav MathurFrame-work for open source site
2009-08-12 Android (Google... Merge change 20880 into donut
2009-08-12 Dianne HackbornFix issue #2048267: Run zipalign on all prebuilts
2009-08-11 RaphaelBUG 1993354 : Add zipalign to Windows SDK
2009-08-11 The Android... DRC42
2009-08-11 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-10 Phil DubachCTS: Add missing integration of 147397 to fix VM tests
2009-08-07 Doug Zongkerreenable ranlib transform for prebuilts
2009-08-07 Doug Zongkeradd LOCAL_PREBUILT_STRIP_COMMENTS to clear_vars.mk
2009-08-06 Android (Google... Merge change 20313 into donut
2009-08-06 The Android... DRC37B
2009-08-06 Doug Zongkeradd feature to strip "# comment" lines from prebuilt...
2009-08-06 The Android... DRC37
2009-08-06 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-06 Scott Mainfix css image references for offline docs
2009-08-06 Scott Mainlighten up on "preliminary" watermark
2009-08-06 Android (Google... Merge change 20232 into donut
2009-08-06 Android (Google... Merge change 20222 into donut
2009-08-06 Dirk DoughertyRemove extraneous quotation mark in template file
2009-08-06 Dirk DoughertyFix broken url in offline preview docs
2009-08-06 Dirk DoughertyAdd support for preview SDK handling in doc templates.
2009-08-05 Android (Google... Merge change 8917 into donut
2009-08-05 Scott Mainimplement api level toggling
2009-08-04 Doug Zongkerallow for malformed imagesizes.txt
2009-08-04 Android (Google... Merge change 9605 into donut
2009-08-04 The Android... DRC35
2009-08-04 The Android... Merge commit 'remotes/goog/donut' into donut-release
2009-08-04 Doug Zongkeruse the max image sizes from the target files zip