2010-04-28 Andrei PopescuCherry-pick http://codereview.chromium.org/1742012 leb-0xdroid 0x7-leb-gingerbread
2010-04-27 Andrei PopescuCherry pick codereview.chromium.org/1745017/
2010-04-26 Andrei PopescuCherry pick http://codereview.chromium.org/1791001
2010-04-21 Andrei PopescuRe-enable snapshots in V8.
2010-04-07 Ben MurdochUse the JIT RegExp engine rather than the interpreted...
2010-03-31 Ben MurdochIf the timezone changes, then we must invalidate the...
2010-03-29 Andrei PopescuCherry pick codereview.chromium.org/1207003/show
2010-03-12 Leon ClarkeDisable backtraces on android, which will enable mksnapshot
2010-03-11 Colin CrossMerge "Use ARCH_ARM_HAVE_VFP instead of TARGET_ARCH_VAR...
2010-03-11 Andrei PopescuAvoid building V8 on sim for now.
2010-03-10 Patrick ScottFix rebuilding of snapshot.cc
2010-03-10 Patrick ScottFix the build.
2010-03-09 Colin CrossUse ARCH_ARM_HAVE_VFP instead of TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT
2010-03-09 Jean-Baptiste... Add an empty CleanSpec.mk
2010-02-26 Andrei PopescuMerge "make sure the snapshot is built with the right...
2010-02-26 Andrei Popescumake sure the snapshot is built with the right flags...
2010-02-26 Andrei Popescuupdate V8 to TOT snapshot branch
2010-02-26 Andrei Popescuenable debugger support in v8
2010-02-25 Andrei PopescuUpdate to V8 with partial snapshots. This is taken...
2010-02-12 Ben MurdochAdd Android workaround for calculating the timezone...
2010-02-09 Patrick ScottAdd the libc include path to pick up the correct memory...
2010-02-08 Ben MurdochEnable debugger support to make the console.* APIs...
2010-02-04 Leon ClarkeGet snapshots in v8 to work again
2010-02-03 Leon ClarkeUpdate v8 to bleeding_edge revision 3784
2010-01-27 Leon ClarkeMerge from v8 at revision 3723
2010-01-27 Leon ClarkeRevert "Pull from svn bleeding_edge@3716"
2010-01-27 Leon ClarkePull from svn bleeding_edge@3716
2010-01-20 Andrei PopescuRe-enable the V8 compilation cache on Android. This...
2010-01-19 Leon ClarkeNew version of v8 from bleeding edge at revision 3649
2009-12-15 Steve BlockUpdate V8 to r3431 as required by WebKit r51976.
2009-11-05 Steve BlockUpdate V8 to r3121 as required for WebKit update.
2009-11-03 Steve BlockMove V8 to external/v8
2009-10-28 android-build... new project, first commit