2009-12-10 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-12-07 Android (Google... Merge change I0ad3fc43 into eclair
2009-12-03 Android (Google... Merge change Ifb15e7fe into eclair
2009-12-03 Romain GuyAdd QuickContact badge around contacts shortcuts.
2009-12-03 Joe OnoratoMake QuickContactActivity look at the sourceBounds...
2009-12-03 Romain GuyMake Home contacts shortcut bring up the quick contact...
2009-12-01 Jeff SharkeyMake call log requeries use background thread.
2009-12-01 Jeff SharkeyAvoid IAE by only dismissing dialog when still attached.
2009-11-30 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-11-14 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-11-13 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-11-12 Brett ChabotAdd instrumentation definition for ContactsLaunchPerfor...
2009-11-11 Daisuke MiyakawaRevert "Use scan mode introduced in VCardParser."
2009-11-11 Android (Google... Merge change I428a6432 into eclair
2009-11-11 Daisuke MiyakawaUse scan mode introduced in VCardParser.
2009-11-10 Jean-Michel... Fix bug 2239212 "Dial pad has no sound"
2009-11-06 Nicolas CataniaAdded VIBRATE permission to allow haptic feedback.
2009-11-03 Jeff SharkeyAvoid offering "share" for restricted-only contacts.
2009-10-30 Jeff SharkeyAvoid NPE in isEmpty() when no EditFields defined.
2009-10-30 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-10-29 Android (Google... Merge change I994fc479 into eclair
2009-10-29 Jeff SharkeySend RESULT_CANCELED when missing, return legacy Uris.
2009-10-29 Jeff SharkeyWhen reparenting, prefer GROUP_ROW_ID but allow fallback.
2009-10-29 Evan MillarFix bug http://b/issue?id=2208177
2009-10-29 Android (Google... Merge change I2dc2bdef into eclair
2009-10-29 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-10-28 Nicolas CataniaFinal UI tweaks for the WGVA dialer.
2009-10-21 Android (Google... Merge change I3d0980fd into eclair
2009-10-21 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-10-21 Android (Google... Merge change I7a26b27a into eclair
2009-10-21 Android (Google... Merge change Ic19d66e9 into eclair
2009-10-20 Nicolas CataniaChanged the dialed numbers' foreground to be white...
2009-10-20 Nicolas CataniaFixed the contact's dialer layout.
2009-10-20 David BrownFix hardcoded px dimensions in "dialpad chooser" UI.
2009-10-20 Evan MillarMove internal change 29743 into eclair from eclair-mr2
2009-10-16 Paul BermanAllow TwelveKeyDialer call button to send empty flash...
2009-10-14 Evan MillarFix off by one bug in favorites list call button.
2009-10-13 Jeff SharkeyRemove vertical and colored bars from editors.
2009-10-12 Android (Google... Merge change I43723de2 into eclair
2009-10-12 Android (Google... Merge change I1cde5dd0 into eclair
2009-10-12 Jeff HamiltonShow phones and email addresses for read-only contacts.
2009-10-12 Nicolas CataniaIn landscape mode, set the type of digit area to PHONE...
2009-10-12 Jeff SharkeyAvoid setting checked state when dismissing FastTrack.
2009-10-09 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-10-09 Evan MillarClear bitmap cache in onResume() to make sure photos...
2009-10-09 Android (Google... Merge change I700622d9 into eclair
2009-10-09 Jeff HamiltonFix up photo editing, and few other tweaks to contact...
2009-10-08 Jeff SharkeyHandle external sources that request both social and...
2009-10-08 Jeff SharkeyNew infobar background assets.
2009-10-08 Android (Google... Merge change I3ee009e6 into eclair
2009-10-08 Evan MillarMake shortcut icons adjust to hdpi display.
2009-10-08 Eric Fischeram 906af3fb: (-s ours) Import revised translations...
2009-10-08 Jeff SharkeyTrim edit fields that don't contain printable values.
2009-10-08 Jeff SharkeyAllow omission of RES_PACKAGE for status attributions.
2009-10-08 Evan MillarHandle IM entries with missing protocol field.
2009-10-08 Jeff SharkeyOmit attribution icon in medium FastTrack.
2009-10-08 Android (Google... Merge change I652a8d7b into eclair
2009-10-08 Jeff SharkeyIgnore transient rows during re-parenting.
2009-10-08 Jeff SharkeyIncrement tries as we reparent to avoid looping.
2009-10-08 Android (Google... Merge change Ibc1b1f7d into eclair
2009-10-08 Daisuke MiyakawaFix ImportVCardActivity so that NPE will never occur...
2009-10-08 Dmitri Plotnikov[Issue 2174171] Fixing Join Contact UI title.
2009-10-08 Neel ParekhFix clicking on the total contacts header item.
2009-10-07 Evan MillarFix bc_triaged http://b/issue?id=2155790
2009-10-07 Android (Google... Merge change I89190b8b into eclair
2009-10-07 Android (Google... Merge change Ia961aa60 into eclair
2009-10-07 Evan MillarNew photo frame in LARGE QuickCotnact window
2009-10-07 Android (Google... Merge change I362ca992 into eclair
2009-10-07 Tadashi G.... Contacts: fixed custom label handling in GenericEditorView.
2009-10-07 Jeff HamiltonFollow up changes from review of Ib2afc992.
2009-10-07 Jeff HamiltonUpdates to the edit contact UI.
2009-10-07 Evan MillarShow message if contact has no data to show.
2009-10-07 Android (Google... Merge change Ice23b740 into eclair
2009-10-07 Jeff HamiltonOne more last minute string.
2009-10-07 Jeff HamiltonCheckpoint new strings for translation.
2009-10-07 Costin ManolachePart of Bug 2163087 fix - NPE if the main thread is...
2009-10-07 Dmitri Plotnikov[Issue 2166752] Properly displaying phone numbers conta...
2009-10-06 Eric FischerImport revised translations. DO NOT MERGE
2009-10-06 Android (Google... Merge change I9a8a3d9d into eclair
2009-10-06 Evan MillarDisplay empty text when there are no contacts visible.
2009-10-06 Jeff SharkeyFix FastTrack recycling consistency issues, shadows.
2009-10-06 Android (Google... Merge change I23d84a63 into eclair
2009-10-06 Android (Google... Merge change I740cfdad into eclair
2009-10-06 Jeff SharkeyInclude Google Talk presence, even when missing Im...
2009-10-06 Costin ManolacheUse a thread pool to fetch images. Bug 2163087.
2009-10-06 Android (Google... Merge change I6238c621 into eclair
2009-10-06 Megha JoshiPrevents empty focus contacts without photo from being...
2009-10-06 Android (Google... Merge change Ifb476198 into eclair
2009-10-06 Evan MillarUse framework assets for section headers, and adjust...
2009-10-06 Daniel SandlerUpdated icons for Contacts.
2009-10-06 Android (Google... Merge change I517b266a into eclair
2009-10-06 Dmitri Plotnikov[Issue 2165144] Fixing managed delete dialogs in Contac...
2009-10-05 Jeff SharkeyExclude FastTrack window from recent apps.
2009-10-05 Android (Google... Merge change I14fec660 into eclair
2009-10-05 Neel ParekhFix NPE being thrown when starting the AttachImage...
2009-10-05 Fred Quintanaaccount manager api review changes
2009-10-03 Android (Google... Merge change I3040fa30 into eclair
2009-10-03 Megha JoshiFixes bug where delete option from Menu list is disable...
2009-10-03 Dmitri Plotnikov[Issue 2157935] Adding a confirmation dialog for contac...
2009-10-02 Dmitri Plotnikov[Issue 2161366] Changing strings for total number of...