2011-11-28 warrenb213Merged in all of Marc1706's updates through 11/27/11 master
2011-11-09 warrenb213Reverted back config changes to see if that is what...
2011-10-24 warrenb213Disabled BT low power mode for now.
2011-10-24 warrenb213Minor Modification
2011-10-23 warrenb213Updated defconfig.
2011-10-23 warrenb213Modified compiler to be best for Cortex A8 and other...
2011-10-23 warrenb213Changed up the camera a bit more.
2011-10-23 warrenb213Turned off new EXT4 drivers ability to mount EXT2/3.
2011-10-23 warrenb213Added SMARTASS2 to config.
2011-10-19 warrenb213Resolved compile issue.
2011-10-19 warrenb213Added SmartAss V2
2011-10-19 warrenb213Added HTC Auto While Balace Calibration for cam.
2011-10-19 warrenb213Fixed Prox Sensor Perms
2011-10-19 warrenb213Changed lightsensor polling to 2.5 seconds
2011-10-19 warrenb213Modded Q6 audio saved mute state
2011-10-19 warrenb213Tweaked Interactive Governor.
2011-10-19 warrenb213A few more battery tweaks
2011-10-19 warrenb213Overclocked and tweak camera code. Much more like...
2011-10-19 warrenb213add missing sys interfaces in camera driver
2011-10-19 warrenb213Removed the config caps for CPU clock
2011-10-17 warrenb213Fixed a USB compile issue. Also added remaining CLK...
2011-10-17 warrenb213Modded defconfig a bit for more stuff and OC capability.
2011-10-17 warrenb213Updated USB interface code per Marc1706.
2011-10-17 warrenb213Fixed LED notifications as-per Marc1706. Thanks!
2011-10-17 warrenb213Modified .gitignore per 3dak.
2011-10-17 warrenb213Included the placeholder 1550.h file.
2011-10-14 warrenb213Added Marc's voice/data fix.
2011-09-22 warrenb213Implemented the ACA Kernel compile/packaging scripts.
2011-09-22 warrenb213Committed most of Marc's merge.
2011-09-20 warrenb213Also enabled BCM4329_SOFTAP
2011-09-20 warrenb213Remaining key portions ported. Now waiting on others...
2011-09-19 warrenb213I do believe we are close to boot.
2011-09-18 warrenb213Did some key ports
2011-09-16 warrenb213Initial Commit of HTC Bravo/Desire GB 2.3.5 Kernel...