2013-03-22 MarcoAdded 2 basic tests for LaTeX feature/xltx
2013-03-22 Marcocleardoublepage after the toc
2013-03-22 Marcouse clearpage instead of newpage
2013-03-22 MarcoFixed the hairline command
2013-03-22 MarcoAdd skips after play/biblio
2013-03-22 MarcoFixes to the default template
2013-03-21 Marcofix
2013-03-21 Marcofixed missing latextemplate option
2013-03-21 MarcoAdded doc
2013-03-21 MarcoRefined the format, added the missing environments
2013-03-20 Marcofixed page style
2013-03-20 MarcoFootnotes are greedy and will eat preceding space
2013-03-20 MarcoFixed verse environment
2013-03-19 MarcoFixed latex template
2013-03-16 MarcoFixed ltx_manage_header
2013-03-10 MarcoFixed test
2013-03-10 MarcoAdded french
2013-03-10 MarcoFixed url handling
2013-03-10 MarcoDon't strip suffixes from image filenames
2013-03-10 MarcoDon't use tabu (highly unstable package)
2013-03-09 MarcoFirst successful run with XeLaTeX
2013-03-09 MarcoAdded basic table output to LaTeX
2013-03-09 MarcoAdded support for links.
2013-03-09 MarcoMerge branch 'master' into feature/xltx
2013-03-09 MarcoTweaked gitignore
2013-03-09 MarcoAdded option to produce (Xe)LaTeX files.
2013-03-09 MarcoAdded template for LaTeX
2013-03-09 MarcoRemoved global variables from Text::Muse::Formats ...
2013-03-09 MarcoAdded basic support for LaTeX
2013-03-09 MarcoMore preliminaries
2013-03-09 MarcoAdded trivial inline syntax conversion for LaTeX
2013-03-09 MarcoAdded preliminary code for LaTeX output
2013-02-09 MarcoAdded es.
2013-01-27 MarcoAdded a spanish specific script
2013-01-25 MarcoDon't move dots around
2013-01-23 MarcoMore fixing
2013-01-21 MarcoDisable the spanish preprocessing for now
2013-01-21 MarcoHandle the case [[[http://links][desc]]] + tests
2013-01-20 MarcoReverted the ortographical “solo” spanish rule
2012-12-27 MarcoAdded the spanish typographical filters and more tests
2012-12-27 MarcoAdded spanish (failing) tests
2012-12-27 Marcominor refactoring
2012-12-24 MarcoText::Muse::escape_tex was performing typographical...
2012-12-24 MarcoAdded failing test
2012-12-21 MarcoAdded spanish to the branches
2012-12-17 MarcoUse --force with git add, so .gitignore won't complain
2012-12-04 MarcoBetter attachment names generated by default
2012-11-23 MarcoUpdated and corrected documentation
2012-11-20 MarcoFixed incorrect regexp in the main route
2012-11-20 MarcoImproved error message on Text::Muse::process_muse
2012-11-18 MarcoBe more precise with the attribute parsing looking...
2012-11-18 MarcoBe more tolerant with the center and right properties
2012-11-18 MarcoImproved the importer
2012-09-28 Marcofix to the url
2012-09-28 Marcodeleted reference to IRC and replaced with XMPP
2012-09-18 Marcofix again
2012-09-18 Marcoupdated manual with typo
2012-08-30 MarcoForce the removing of trailing , and ; in the directive...
2012-08-26 Marcomanage redirect using #DELETED Redirect: new-bare-url
2012-08-25 MarcoUse redirect instead of forward for the legacy block
2012-08-24 Marcoincrease the min-width
2012-08-23 MarcoUse the native language name for the listing
2012-08-22 Marcoquickfix for the bookbuilder current link
2012-08-22 MarcoRestyled the navigation bars. Added a secondary bar
2012-08-20 MarcoCreated new /random route to get a random text
2012-07-08 MarcoTweaked mini dimension in the template
2012-06-27 MarcoProvide JSON api for the search, appending the paramete...
2012-06-26 MarcoImproved embedded CSS of the EPUB
2012-06-21 MarcoAdded message asking for testing
2012-06-21 MarcoAdded an option to the bookbuilder to set the body...
2012-05-26 MarcoLet the scrapers ignore the bookbuilder
2012-05-25 MarcoAdded the command to get the warning when the fonts...
2012-05-24 MarcoFixed a strange and useless <div>
2012-05-20 Marcotest for russian list saving
2012-05-20 MarcoEnhanced the hr/sr typographical fixer
2012-05-19 MarcoLet the scrapers ignore the forms
2012-05-17 MarcoTry to see if we fixed this misery
2012-05-17 MarcoDon't force a new page if the toc is not wanted
2012-05-17 MarcoActivate interaction only if the pdf is not imposed...
2012-05-17 MarcoRemoved the minified blob
2012-05-17 MarcoTemplates corrections
2012-05-17 MarcoChanged the embedded CSS style, removing the blobbed...
2012-05-15 MarcoAdded a comment about the reverse \N
2012-05-15 MarcoAdded the cheatsheet to the upload form
2012-05-15 MarcoAdded a test fo leaks
2012-05-13 Marco new file:
2012-05-13 MarcoAdded a script to dump the templates, keeping them...
2012-05-13 MarcoAdded another test file for verse
2012-05-13 MarcoModified the TeX output of <verse>
2012-05-13 MarcoFixed an insidious bug
2012-05-13 MarcoRemoved a old stray template
2012-05-13 MarcoAdded a lockfile mechanism for the bookbuider
2012-05-13 MarcoSoftly kill starman with QUIT signal instead of a plain...
2012-05-10 MarcoRemoved old debug with Dumper
2012-05-09 MarcoUse the OO interface for temporary files (and hope...
2012-05-09 MarcoTry to clean up the mess created with the tests
2012-05-09 MarcoFixed up the issues with latin modern
2012-05-08 MarcoReplaced move with copy in
2012-05-06 MarcoRemoved the "dispatch" scripts
2012-05-06 MarcoFixed the <title> mess.