last changeThu, 4 Mar 2010 07:36:31 +0000 (15:36 +0800)
2010-03-04 Alex LingMerge commit 'android-fr/cupcake' into default cupcake master
2009-10-29 Jim AnconaAdd FLAC support. Issue 59
2009-10-28 Jim AnconaLocal repo for Launcher
2009-10-21 Jim AnconaMove Calendar app to gitorious
2009-10-12 Jim AnconaAdd Google Maps clone to manifest
2009-09-21 Jim AnconaChange kernel to cupcake branch
2009-09-10 Alex Lingadd vendor/opencsbc/mini2440 and kernel from gitorious...
2009-09-03 Jim AnconaUpdate manifest to point to new Gitorious repository
2009-07-27 Marcelo E.... Fork packages/apps/Mms
2009-07-27 Marcelo E.... Fork frameworks/policies/base
2009-07-16 Brian CodeAdd alsa-utils and change alsa-lib to use Koolu repository
2009-07-08 Marcelo E.... Use our version of zlib
2009-07-07 Marcelo E.... Fork platform/external/qemu
2009-07-07 Marcelo E.... Add platform/external/lzo
2009-07-07 Marcelo E.... Switch to andy-tracking for our kernel
2009-07-07 Marcelo E.... Add platform/packages/inputmethods/PinyinIME
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