last changeTue, 13 Aug 2013 14:05:15 +0000 (18:05 +0400)
2013-08-13 Alexey RoslyakovFix build jb
2013-08-12 Alexey RoslyakovUse new format for vold configuration.
2013-08-11 Alexey RoslyakovFix compilation for Android-4.3
2013-04-29 Alexey RoslyakovHWComposer API 1.0 compatibility chnages
2013-04-21 Alexey RoslyakovModify to comply with 4.2.2 changes
2013-04-13 Alexey RoslyakovDon't switch to ondemand cpufreq governor anymore
2013-04-11 Alexey RoslyakovUse ALOG* macros instead of LOG*
2013-04-11 Alexey RoslyakovChange init.rc for android-4.2.2_r1 compatibility
2013-04-07 Alexey RoslyakovAdd USB MTP/PTP/ADB support to init scripts
2013-02-10 Alexey RoslyakovChange permissions of cpufreq-related sysfs entries.
2012-09-08 Alexey RoslyakovModified init scripts for JB
2012-09-08 Alexey RoslyakovChanges for JB compatibility for liblights
2012-09-08 Alexey RoslyakovChanges for JB compatibility for fakedsme
2012-07-02 Alexey RoslyakovGet rid of sample rate hack, use downsampler instead ics
2012-06-30 Alexey RoslyakovUse proper mixer ctl settings for earpiece + mic. hacks
2012-06-30 Alexey RoslyakovUse exec, this saves some memory used by redundant...
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