2010-03-23 tamerlan311Fixed issues for building without internationalization... clean
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Fix build (add armcstates.c to build system)
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Add IS_ANDROID to Makefile
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Modify Makefile to support XVilka`s toolchain
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Change ncurses.h location
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Add notes to changelog
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Update Year in Version info
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Add default TERM (if it doesn`t set)
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Add MAX_NUM_CSTATES & MAX_NUM_PSTATES constants based...
2010-03-20 tamerlan311add arm C-states support
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Add ARM support
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Fix build error ('PATH_MAX' undeclared)
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Update to new powertop version
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Add build config
2010-03-20 tamerlan311ncurses to slang begin ported
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Disable locales support
2010-03-20 tamerlan311Add bionic specific headers
2010-01-20 Auke KokFix some use of uninitialized memory (valgrind cleanups).
2010-01-04 Auke Kokdisplay.c has a missing format string, causing build...
2009-12-19 naolivl10n: Updates to Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation
2009-12-03 Arjan van de Venadd support for giving a suggestion based on presence...
2009-12-01 Arjan van de Venimprove tui output to be more consistent
2009-12-01 Arjan van de VenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-11-30 Auke Kokconfiglines: guard against overflow
2009-11-30 Erik AndrénIncrease config lines array
2009-11-26 Arjan van de Venignore the btrfs threads
2009-11-23 Arjan van de Vengit ignore
2009-11-23 Arjan van de Venminor tweaks to the perf code
2009-11-21 balrog-kunl10n: Updates to Polish (pl) translation
2009-11-14 Arjan van de Venmore descriptive alsa device name
2009-11-14 Arjan van de Venformat the disk output without \n
2009-11-14 Arjan van de Venshow the disk name rather than the dumb "host0"
2009-11-14 Arjan van de Venfix copy-and-paste bug
2009-11-14 rootfix a bug in the perf code
2009-11-14 Arjan van de VenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-11-14 Arjan van de Venfix typo
2009-11-14 Arjan van de VenAdd AHCI ALPM statistics
2009-11-12 Arjan van de VenAdd sound activity statistics
2009-11-06 Arjan van de Venshow detailed file access info in powertop -d mode
2009-10-26 Auke KokUpdate pot file with new string, new locations.
2009-10-26 Arjan van de Venset the "already done" earlier
2009-10-26 Arjan van de Venstop repeating the suggestion if the ioctl fails
2009-10-26 Arjan van de VenShow "who made my disk dirty" statistics
2009-10-21 andikal10n: Updates to Indonesian (id) translation
2009-10-16 andikal10n: Updates to Indonesian (id) translation
2009-09-26 lpdufresl10n: Updates to French (fr) translation
2009-09-22 ZhuYanhail10n: Initial zh_CN PO file (it's almost empty for...
2009-09-14 elloxarl10n: Updates to Romanian translation
2009-09-10 elloxarl10n: Updates to Romanian Translation
2009-09-09 elloxarl10n: Updates to Romanian Translation
2009-09-09 elloxarl10n: Romanian Translation
2009-09-02 Andika TriwidadaUpdated powertop.8 man page
2009-09-02 andikal10n: Updates to Indonesian (id) translation
2009-08-21 Marc Kleine... add LDFLAGS to linker invocation
2009-08-19 yuanchaoUpdates to Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW) translation
2009-08-18 Auke KokMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-18 Randy Dunlappowertop: don't look for kbd input in dump mode
2009-08-14 matsuuUpdates to Japanese (ja) translation
2009-08-14 siboUpdates to Dutch (Flemish) (nl) translation
2009-08-14 siboUpdates to Dutch (Flemish) (nl) translation
2009-08-13 Auke Kokremove-bashism.dpatch by Patrick Winnertz <winnie@debia...
2009-08-13 Auke KokI named this wrong, this was actually the zh_TW translation
2009-08-13 Auke KokMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-13 Auke KokUpdated ja.po
2009-08-12 yuanchaoTranslation in Traditional Chinese
2009-08-12 Auke KokUpdated Hungarian translation.
2009-08-12 Auke KokAdding pot file for transifex website
2009-08-12 Auke KokUpdated id.po
2009-08-11 Auke KokRenaming Chinese po zh.po -> zh_CN.po
2009-08-11 Auke KokScrub translation strings in all translations
2009-08-11 Auke KokAlso make clean powertop.pot
2009-08-11 Auke KokDisplay statistics when running uptrans
2009-08-11 Auke KokAdd pot file make target.
2009-08-11 Auke KokRemove Double ;;'s at end of line
2009-08-10 Auke KokMove VERSION to powertop.h, use in display.c and powertop.c
2009-08-06 Arjan van der Ven1.12
2009-08-06 Auke KokFix minor compile warning.
2009-08-06 Auke KokAdd a comment why we open/close /dev/dsp - to kick...
2009-08-05 Arjan van der Venshow turbo mode explicitly
2009-08-05 Auke KokRevving to 1.12
2009-08-05 Auke Kok[patch] powertop: add HD audio power_save suggestion
2009-08-05 Auke KokOops, forgot to svn add this file...
2009-08-03 Auke Kok[patch] powertop: add pids command-line option
2009-08-03 Auke Kok[PATCH] powertop: wifi
2009-06-26 Auke KokSame code here - ignore usbhid devices.
2009-06-26 Auke KokIgnore usb input devices, do not set/read suspend delay.
2009-06-02 Auke KokFilter out percpu hpet timer wakeup events
2009-01-26 Auke KokAllow running from cron. From Alan Jenkins <alan-jenkin...
2009-01-26 Auke KokUpdate man page.
2009-01-20 Auke KokRemoving laptop_mode suggestion - we really don't want...
2009-01-15 Auke KokPartially revert this change - it seems that acpi repor...
2008-12-15 Auke KokUpdated translations for zh.
2008-12-15 Auke KokUpdated translation: fr, de, id
2008-12-12 Auke KokUpdated pt_BR, ja translations.
2008-12-11 Auke KokUpdated all .po files with the new strings.
2008-12-11 Auke KokProperly construct version string for gettext
2008-12-11 Auke KokUpdated fi, zh translations
2008-12-05 Auke KokUpdated 3 translations:
2008-12-05 Auke KokFixed a spelling error in one of the tips.
2008-12-01 Auke KokAdd --version to powertop getopts, by Daniel Qarras...