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2012-10-28 now exits after Anki was closed master
2012-10-20 V0idsmall refactoring
2012-10-20 V0idlittle sanity checks
2012-10-12 v0idattempt to warm up TTS engine
2012-10-12 v0idforced newline to avoid mixing answers from different...
2012-08-06 V0idPythonified this mess a bit mac_os_say_pipe
2012-07-30 V0idlow latency pipe through native API
2012-07-23 V0idRevert "Another attempt to reduce latency on Mac OS...
2012-07-23 V0idAnother attempt to reduce latency on Mac OS with lots... mac_os_say_reexec
2012-07-21 v0iddocumentation was slightly updated
2012-07-21 v0idChangelog v0.09
2012-07-21 v0idFix for Win XP IOError [Errno 22]
2012-07-20 V0idwith a bit of latency, but working tts on Mac
2012-07-20 V0idAttempt to communicate with say through pipe (unsuccessful)
2012-05-20 v0idVersion info was updated v0.08
2012-05-20 v0idMerge branch 'vbs_tts'
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