2011-01-10 Shaun McCancegnomedoc/sweep: Catch errors in processing documents
2010-11-02 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc/sweep] Make sure to add new docs to the scanner
2010-10-18 Shaun McCance[jhbuild/sweep] Descend into metamodule dependencies
2010-09-23 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc/web] Adding doc tab for link graphs
2010-09-23 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc/sweep] Generating link graphs for Mallard...
2010-09-22 Shaun McCance[gnomeapp/sweep] Handle some build magic used by Banshee
2010-09-14 Shaun McCance[blip-gnome.doap] Adding a DOAP file
2010-09-14 Shaun McCance[] Add rule to make ChangeLog on dist
2010-09-12 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc/sweep] Hackishly fix a segfault in XML parsing
2010-09-11 Shaun McCance[intltool/sweep] Use LINGUAS from default domain if...
2010-09-10 Shaun McCance[intltool/sweep] Fix handling of PO files
2010-09-10 Shaun McCance[intltool/sweep] Use GETTEXT_PACKAGE for domain identifiers
2010-09-10 Shaun McCance[jhbuild/sweep] Set 'configure_args' instead of 'autoge...
2010-09-09 Shaun McCancePass a record to all parsers
2010-09-09 Shaun McCance[jhbuild/sweep] Store autogenargs for records
2010-09-09 Shaun McCance[intltool/sweep] Adding sweeper for intltool-based...
2010-09-08 Shaun McCance[plugins/gnomedoc] Add credits for Mallard pages
2010-09-06 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc] Documentation status for DocBook & Mallard...
2010-09-04 Shaun McCanceUse pkgname instead of PACKAGE_NAME to substitute for...
2010-09-03 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc/sweep] Handle Mallard pages
2010-09-03 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc/sweep] Basic Mallard processing
2010-09-03 Shaun McCanceUse the new stamp.log from Timestamp.stamped
2010-09-02 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc] Set scm_files key and handle last revision
2010-09-01 Shaun McCance[gnomedoc/sweep] DocBook and xml2po handling
2010-08-31 Shaun McCance[gnomeapp] Adding .desktop file scanner
2010-02-15 Shaun McCanceInitial blip-gnome commit with jhbuild set sweeper...