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2012-06-12 João Paulo... howto: add HoG section master
2012-06-12 João Paulo... howto: remove instructions for enabling LE since it...
2012-04-24 João Paulo... howto: fix Svein comments
2012-04-23 João Paulo... architecture: minor fixes
2012-04-18 Claudio Takahasibluez: Add HoG figure
2012-04-18 Claudio Takahasibluez: Add HoG service description
2012-03-06 Anderson Lizardobluez: Fixes to Security Manager section
2012-03-02 João Paulo... Rename files and update Makefile accordingly DELIVERY-W09-20120302
2012-03-02 João Paulo... howto: comment-out unwritten section
2012-03-02 João Paulo... bluez: latex and language fixes
2012-03-02 João Paulo... bluez: try to be a little less informal
2012-03-02 João Paulo... bluez: comment-out sections we're not writing anymore
2012-03-02 João Paulo... bluez: update krau's artwork
2012-03-02 João Paulo... bluez: move krau's artwork to the right place
2012-03-02 João Paulo... bluez: Add figure representing BlueZ architecture
2012-03-02 Bruna Moreirabluez: Add Security Manager description
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