last changeMon, 16 Jun 2014 18:48:45 +0000 (18:48 +0000)
2014-06-16 Adam MajerUpdate default Krc constant master
2014-06-16 Adam MajerAdd missing working directory settings to installer
2014-01-15 Adam MajerUse relative paths instead of absolute paths
2014-01-15 Adam MajerUpdate copyright notices
2013-11-21 Adam MajerUse floating point arithmetic when determining grid...
2013-11-21 Adam MajerSome tooltip updates by Dr. Bshouty
2013-11-18 Adam MajerAdd missing settings file to 32-bit installer
2013-11-18 Adam MajerUpdate 32-bit msi
2013-11-18 Adam MajerMove settings to own save/restore. Save integral type.
2013-11-13 Adam Majerupdate calibration values for new parivascular equations
2013-11-13 Adam Majerfix compilation with VS2008
2013-11-13 Adam MajerUpdate IDs
2013-11-12 Adam MajerPtm function can have more than one zero - we need...
2013-11-06 Adam MajerUpdate perivascular pressure formulas and fix sign...
2013-11-06 Adam MajerFix a potential undetermined division
2013-11-06 Adam MajerFix dates on copyright in About window
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