last changeThu, 9 Jun 2011 17:24:08 +0000 (13:24 -0400)
2011-06-09 Far McKonadded extended EDID info to sysfs entries vga_edid... master
2011-05-27 Matt IsaacsBMI: Keep present PIM powered, even if invalid EEPROM...
2011-05-23 John E. Connollychange USB_SUSPEND=y to =N.
2011-05-23 John E. Connollyadd CDC and ACM to default defconfig (builtin)
2011-05-23 John E. Connollychange BUG_DOCK=y to =N.
2011-05-17 Far McKonChanged vga/dvi enable to always fallback to defaults...
2011-05-17 Matt IsaacsBMI Slot management fixes.
2011-05-17 Matt IsaacsCorrected SPI clock for SC16IS762 on Bug Labs Base.
2011-05-16 John E. Connollysome defconfig tweaks following defconfig review.
2011-05-16 Matt Isaacslibertas spurious tx timeout fix.
2011-05-10 Matt IsaacsSupport for revised Bug Labs Video Module hardware.
2011-05-10 Matt IsaacsTFP410 Reset fixes.
2011-05-10 Matt IsaacsTHS8200 Dispaly output fixes.
2011-05-10 Matt IsaacsFramebuffer mods for working with EDID and video modes...
2011-05-10 Matt IsaacsAdded snprintfcat to vsprintf.c
2011-05-09 Matt IsaacsResetting Bug Base user-key code to KEY_VIDEO_PREV...
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