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2010-06-20 Joel RosdahlEscape plus characters properly in manual.txt master
2010-06-20 Joel RosdahlEscape plus characters properly in NEWS.txt
2010-06-20 Joel RosdahlPrepare for ccache 3.0
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlAdd an --xml option to
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlCheck CCACHE_DISABLED early
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlMinor clarification about the direct mode
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlReword author manual section
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlBreak long line
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlInclude version number in generated documentation
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlUse a real asciidoc note
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlMake option value lists of possible values a bit nicer...
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlDon't use uppercase titles in the manual
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlMove make rule for ccache.1 to
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlAlso clean generated *.xml files
2010-06-19 Joel RosdahlRemove obsolete rules already moved to
2010-06-16 Joel RosdahlAdd recommendation to not use "ccache distcc compiler...
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