last changeThu, 10 Nov 2011 05:48:22 +0000 (22:48 -0700)
2011-11-10 Daniel O'NeillConverted to qmake (.pro) buildsystem, protocol changes... master
2010-11-14 Jon GettlerFix the doxygen input file to include all the header...
2010-11-13 Jon GettlerPull in the latest libcmyth changes from the mvpmc...
2010-11-13 Jon GettlerAdd some of the simple changes and bug fixes from XBMC.
2010-11-13 Jon GettlerAllow mythping to display the filename of each recording.
2010-11-13 Jon GettlerFix an uninitialized pointer bug in mythping.
2010-11-13 Jon GettlerFix the ALL debug level in librefmem.
2010-11-13 Jon GettlerMerge remote branch 'origin/iphone'
2010-03-08 Jon GettlerJust build the static libraries under MacOS X.
2010-03-07 Jon GettlerAdd a new sample app that can write the contents of...
2010-03-07 Jon GettlerFix a bug in cmyth_rcv_long_long() that would result...
2010-03-07 Jon GettlerPatch from Sean Soria to fix some MythTV protocol issue...
2010-03-04 David Teirneylibcmyth patch for pedantic compilers
2010-02-19 Jon GettlerRemove the objective c API, since it wasn't well done.
2010-02-08 Jon GettlerAdd cmyth_proginfo_port() to libcmyth.
2010-02-08 Jon GettlerAdd a simple README file to the mythfuse root directory.
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