last changeSun, 16 May 2010 18:31:42 +0000 (15:31 -0300)
2010-05-16 Ivan FilgueirasInitial implementation of GA optimization for the CS... master
2010-05-16 Ivan FilgueirasExample implemented with GA tools
2010-05-16 Ivan FilgueirasPreliminar support for ng-spice
2010-05-16 Ivan FilgueirasProcedure list->string added
2010-05-16 Ivan FilgueirasClean-up on some files
2010-05-16 Ivan FilgueirasImplementation complete of basic GA procedures
2010-04-12 ivanAdded some basic genetic algorithms procedures
2010-04-04 ivanAdded basic functions for genetic algorithms implementation
2010-03-28 ivanRemove unnecessary binary file
2010-03-22 Ivan FilgueirasSample simulation file
2010-03-22 Ivan FilgueirasNew file ''
2010-03-22 Ivan FilgueirasNew 'get-results-row' function
2010-03-22 Ivan FilgueirasCorrected functions names from 'analisys' to 'analysis'
2010-03-15 Ivan FilgueirasAdded new function go get data from the simulation...
2010-03-14 Ivan FilgueirasFixed dependency issues of the included files
2010-03-14 Ivan FilgueirasDocumentation file added using emacs ORG-MODE
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