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2013-05-29 Christian Ratzenhoferupdated debian/changelog master
2013-01-10 Ludek Finstrleobex: obtain icon and name from bluez 4.X using dbus...
2013-01-10 Ludek Finstrleobex: Use constants for BDA in URIs also in _uri_to_dis...
2013-01-08 Ivaylo DimitrovShow correct name for "Bluetooth"
2013-01-07 Ludek Finstrleupdated debian/changelog
2013-01-07 Ludek FinstrleFix showing names for bluetooth devices
2013-01-07 Ludek FinstrleEnable browsing bluetooth devices using obexFTP
2012-03-11 Ivaylo Dimitrovupdated debian/changelog stable
2012-03-11 Ivaylo DimitrovCorrectly decide on mmc card type (external or internal)
2011-11-04 Mohammad Abu... Updated debian/changelog
2011-07-31 Tomasz PieniazekSet mov-mode to HILDON_MOVEMENT_MODE_BOTH. 1
2011-07-31 Mohammad Abu... Initial commit from repos
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