2010-06-16 xvedejasAllophony working better
2010-06-16 xvedejasallophony is working a little bit; still a ways to go.
2010-06-16 xvedejasstress finding, some more work on allophonic rules...
2010-06-15 xvedejasadded data documentation at the top of some files,...
2010-06-14 xvedejasMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-14 xvedejasmainwindow changed to qmainwindow
2010-06-14 Jon Gauthiernon-functional Morphology tab
2010-06-14 xvedejasokay, I swear, it's working for real now
2010-06-14 xvedejassyllable parsing error fixed
2010-06-14 xvedejasautomatic syllable boundary detector now :)
2010-06-13 xvedejasMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-13 xvedejasMore progress on the allophony tool
2010-06-13 Jon Gauthierignore .xcodeproj
2010-06-13 xvedejasphoneme categories now, also onOpen tab event handler
2010-06-13 xvedejasmore changes, yay
2010-06-13 Jon Gauthierconsistency
2010-06-13 Jon Gauthierspelling
2010-06-13 xvedejasa bit more restructuring, new tab, single save file...
2010-06-12 xvedejassome bugs fixed, but it still says segmentation fault...
2010-06-12 xvedejassome restructuring, fixed the printed 'segmentation...
2010-06-12 xvedejasmore IPA sounds added, phonotactics editor working
2010-06-12 xvedejasMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-12 xvedejassome errors fixed, Part of Speech field added
2010-06-12 Jon GauthierOSX and XP verified
2010-06-12 xvedejasbasic error handling/dialog system, removed add button...
2010-06-11 xvedejasallophony tab layout started
2010-06-11 xvedejasremove error fixed
2010-06-11 xvedejaseasy convert xsampa to ipa
2010-06-11 xvedejaslast commit for the night. Enjoy.
2010-06-11 xvedejasAlphabet and dictionary creators working. They save...
2010-06-10 xvedejasremove button fixed
2010-06-10 xvedejasunicode working
2010-06-10 xvedejasalphabet creator tool somewhat working. No unicode...
2010-06-10 xvedejastab layout working. Commit early, commit often.
2010-06-10 xvedejasa couple changes
2010-06-10 xvedejasfirst commit