last changeTue, 1 May 2012 14:59:41 +0000 (15:59 +0100)
2012-05-01 Dean Kramermissed context value in context engine class master
2012-05-01 Dean Kramerremoved most commented out code
2012-04-10 Dean Kramerchanged context range values to long.
2012-01-15 Anna KocurovaLocation component added and tested
2012-01-15 Anna KocurovaBroadcasting between composites fixed
2012-01-10 Dean KramerUser can register custom classpath to use customised...
2011-12-12 Dean Kramerremoving dead code
2011-12-12 Dean KramerQuick hack to get bluetooth working
2011-12-12 Anna Kocurovaadded ISynchronousCommunication Intent Action
2011-12-12 Anna KocurovaAmended accidentally changed the code of TestActivity
2011-12-09 Anna KocurovaRefactoring 1
2011-12-08 Anna KocurovaSome bugs fixed
2011-11-09 Dean Krameraccidently made the project a library, returned setting...
2011-11-09 Dean Kramer*New API for parser.
2011-11-07 Anna KocurovaSome bugs fixed
2011-10-27 Dean KramerStarted XML parser for Engine.
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