last changeThu, 26 Jul 2012 03:27:19 +0000 (22:27 -0500)
2012-07-26 TroyNow have a function that enumerates all "possible"... master
2012-07-26 TroyAdded king moves. It shares common code with the knight.
2012-07-26 TroyAdded bishop and queen moves
2012-07-26 TroyMoved the rook code into a common function so I can...
2012-07-26 TroyAdded rook moves
2012-07-26 TroyAdded knight moves
2012-07-26 TroyAdded pawn capturing to checkPawnMoves
2012-07-26 TroyAdded a pawn checking function. It doesn't do captures...
2012-07-25 TroyThis might take a while.
2012-07-25 TroyRemoved a comment
2012-07-25 TroyAdded functions to parse a board string and print a...
2012-07-25 TroyStarting with a representation of the board
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