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2013-11-30 Richard HenwoodDOC: added instructions on building. master
2013-04-27 Richard HenwoodADD: code for drag copy and paste of pattern editor.
2013-03-09 Richard HenwoodADMIN: move audio js library to new file.
2013-02-10 Richard HenwoodTWEAK: minor doc tweaks.
2013-02-10 Richard HenwoodADD: documentation on persisting your jsong.
2013-02-10 Richard HenwoodFIX: tidied up 'documentation'
2013-02-10 Richard HenwoodADD: you can now turn off the debug controls.
2013-02-10 Richard HenwoodFIX : version number on the ui.
2013-02-10 Richard HenwoodFIX: save functionality now works.
2013-02-09 Richard HenwoodFIX: link to neuralyte on
2013-02-09 Richard HenwoodADD: License details.
2013-02-09 Richard HenwoodFIX: three things.
2013-02-09 Richard HenwoodFIX: css for instrument class.
2013-02-09 Richard HenwoodFIX: note array size is five elements.
2013-02-07 Richard HenwoodDOC: commented something useful.
2013-02-07 Richard HenwoodFIX: stopped the browser returning to the top on new...
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