2012-07-18 HashcodeRevert "fixing headers for 3.0.31" 3.0.8-dev
2012-07-18 Hashcodewpa_supplicant_8: Upgrade to NLCP R5.00.20 package
2012-07-17 Hashcoderemoving printk
2012-07-17 Hashcodefixing headers for 3.0.31
2012-07-17 Hashcodefixes to Documentation
2012-07-09 Hashcodeadded write-back support video from TI 3.0 kernel
2012-07-09 Jon PryMerge branch '3.0.8-dev' of gitorious.org:droid3-kexec...
2012-07-09 Jon Prychanged gpio5 clocks
2012-07-09 Hashcoderemoving fbcon logging
2012-07-09 Jon PryMerge branch '3.0.8-dev' of gitorious.org:droid3-kexec...
2012-07-09 Jon Pryfixed adb
2012-07-08 Hashcoderemove fbcon
2012-07-08 Hashcodereduce logging
2012-07-08 Hashcodeconfig changes for wlan
2012-07-08 Hashcodefix dsscomp
2012-07-08 Hashcodecleanup
2012-07-07 Jon Prynew defconfig
2012-07-07 Jon PryMinimal stuff to allow building of sgx
2012-07-07 Hashcodebltsville update
2012-07-07 Hashcodedebugging -- turned off HDMI and RPMSG
2012-07-07 Jon PryFix crashing in rpmsg
2012-07-06 Hashcodemerge from jonprys 3.0.8 changes
2012-07-06 Hashcodefixing board memory map
2012-07-06 Hashcodewrapping the usb phy why ifdef for UART
2012-07-06 Jon PryFix uart clocks
2012-07-06 Jon PryForce a reset and poweron of modem at boot.
2012-07-06 Jon Pryadd traces to modem init
2012-07-06 Jon Pryfix EMU_UART mode
2012-07-06 Jon PryRevert "Disable mdm6600 interface for now"
2012-07-06 Jon PryRevert "Disable ts27010mux for now. Mostly because...
2012-07-06 HashcodeMerge branch '3.0.8' of gitorious.org:droid3-kexec...
2012-07-06 Hashcodenew config
2012-07-06 Hashcodeomap_ion.h fix
2012-07-06 Hashcodepvr removal changes
2012-07-06 HashcodeIPU and DSP config changes
2012-07-06 Hashcoderemoteproc changes
2012-07-06 Hashcodetiler changes
2012-07-06 Hashcodeadd omaprpc
2012-07-06 HashcodeION_DYNAMIC changes
2012-07-06 Hashcodemore omapdce additions
2012-07-06 Hashcoderpmsg system changes for ION_DYNAMIC and omapdce
2012-07-06 Hashcodeadd omapdce module to kernel (by RobClark @ https:...
2012-07-06 Jon Prywhoops. hopefully fix debug_ll
2012-07-06 Hashcoderemove built-in kernel PVR source
2012-07-06 HashcodeWLAN - mac80211:Upgrade driver to version R5.00.18
2012-07-06 HashcodeSGX Driver (1.8@869593) with CPCAM support
2012-07-06 Jon Prynew config
2012-07-06 Jon PryFix usb
2012-07-06 Jon Pryundid stupid change to setup that was crashing fbconsole
2012-07-06 Jon PryAdded traces to usb init
2012-07-06 Jon Pryredo gpio2 hwmod clocks to prevent boot failure
2012-07-06 Jon Pryadded traces to fbcon
2012-07-06 Jon Pryreorder omapfb initialization for fbconsole
2012-07-06 Jon PryRevert "Revert "Revert "disable usb phy for now"""
2012-07-06 Jon PryRevert "Revert "disable usb phy for now""
2012-07-05 Jon PryMerge branch '3.0.8' of gitorious.org:droid3-kexec...
2012-07-05 Hashcodefixed display
2012-07-05 Jon PryRevert "disable usb phy for now"
2012-07-04 Jon PryNew method of killing local timers. allows boot
2012-07-04 Jon PryMerge branch '3.0.8' of gitorious.org:droid3-kexec...
2012-07-04 Jon Prydisable usb phy for now
2012-07-04 Jon PryPrevent serial probe for now
2012-07-04 Jon PryExtra spi defines for emu uart
2012-07-04 Jon PryDisable ts27010mux for now. Mostly because of fear...
2012-07-04 Jon PryDisable mdm6600 interface for now
2012-07-04 Jon PryDon't have uninitalized ion devices.
2012-07-04 Jon Prydisabled unused clock shutdown for now
2012-07-04 Jon Pryfix gpio6 clocks
2012-07-04 Jon PryWhoops. More emu uart
2012-07-04 Jon PryAdded tracing to init
2012-07-04 Jon PryAdded emu uart code
2012-07-04 Hashcodemoved defconfig
2012-07-04 Jon Pryadded my local defconfig
2012-07-04 Jon Pryremoved unused file
2012-07-04 Jon PryBring up cpu1 on boot even if it was powered down throu...
2012-07-04 Jon PryFludge: disable local timer init on cpu0
2012-07-04 Jon Prydisable panic on mshield clock failure
2012-07-04 Jon PryDisabled gpmc probe. Hangs kernel
2012-07-04 Jon PryRemoved serial conflicts with debug_ll
2012-07-04 Jon Pryadded debug traces
2012-07-04 Jon Pry512mb changes
2012-07-04 Jon Prychoose firmware base on ram size
2012-07-04 Jon Prymoved remconsole
2012-07-04 Jon Prycall ion_init earlier
2012-07-04 Jon PryAdded interface to query sdram size
2012-07-04 Jon Pryinitial commit