last changeTue, 26 Oct 2010 11:03:33 +0000 (14:03 +0300)
2010-10-26 Matias MuhonenFix relocation notice master
2010-10-26 Matias MuhonenAdded notification about repository location change
2010-10-26 Matias MuhonenTone down powerontimer logging dsme-0.61.27
2010-10-26 Matias MuhonenDon't change state between USER -> ACTDEAD and ACTDEAD...
2010-10-26 Matias Muhonenpowerontimer: don't call cal_finish() if cal_init(...
2010-10-26 Matias MuhonenBump up the version
2010-10-25 Matias MuhonenFix changelog
2010-10-25 Matias Muhonendsme should wait feedback before changing runlevel...
2010-10-21 Matias MuhonenDepend on a newer libiphb-dev in order to work around... dsme-0.61.26
2010-10-21 Matias MuhonenUpdate changelog to cover another bug fix in the release
2010-10-21 Matias MuhonenMove libiphb to its own source package
2010-10-18 Will ThompsonIgnore Vim swapfiles and code-browsing databases 7
2010-10-18 Will ThompsonIgnore generated pkg-config files
2010-10-18 Will ThompsonGenerate libiphb-uninstalled.pc
2010-10-18 Will ThompsonRename libiphb subdirectory to iphbd
2010-10-15 Will ThompsonAdd a pkg-config file for libiphb 6
6 years ago dsme-0.61.27
6 years ago dsme-0.61.26
6 years ago dsme-0.61.25 Tagged dsme-0.61.24. Fixes: NB...
6 years ago dsme-0.61.24 dsme-0.61.24
6 years ago dsme-0.61.23
6 years ago dsme-0.61.22 dsme-0.61.22
6 years ago dsme-0.61.21 dsme-0.61.21
6 years ago dsme-0.61.20 dsme-0.61.20
6 years ago dsme-0.61.19 dsme-0.61.19
6 years ago dsme-0.61.18 dsme-0.61.18
6 years ago dsme-0.61.17 dsme-0.61.17
6 years ago dsme-0.61.16 dsme-0.61.16
6 years ago dsme-0.61.15 dsme-0.61.15
6 years ago dsme-0.61.14 dsme-0.61.14
6 years ago dsme-0.61.13 dsme-0.61.13
6 years ago dsme-0.61.12 dsme-0.61.12
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