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2011-01-21 andyhhp@gmail.comminor edits to make doxygen happy again. No change... master
2011-01-21 andyhhp@gmail.comVastly improved It is now able to be...
2011-01-20 andyhhp@gmail.compylinted the entire source code, and added the dev...
2010-12-28 andyhhp@googlemail.comfixed broken test case due to an ambiguity on the website
2010-12-28 andyhhp@googlemail.comcommitted tiger test suite to check functionality
2010-11-29 Frankie.RobertsonMade Arch Friendly. Fixed (afaics) config parser.
2010-11-23 andyhhp@googlemail.comCompleted the dynamic configuration lookup.
2010-11-17 andyhhp@gmail.comtemp commit to move back to latop for journey
2010-11-15 andyhhp@googlemail.comtemp commit to move main development back to my desktop
2010-11-12 andyhhp@gmail.comtemp commit of general code cleanup
2010-11-10 andyhhp@gmail.comquite a few changes and hacks entered
2010-11-08 andyhhp@gmail.comadded stuff. code isn't very nice at the moment and...
2010-10-29 andyhhp@gmail.comModified the configuration system for easier loading
2010-10-29 infinity0x- shorter name for linkedlist and add some docs
2010-10-29 andyhhp@gmail.comremoved from revision control and added...
2010-10-29 infinity0xsplit out linkedlist into separate module and reduce...
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