2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: clear AVI InfoFrame for DVI
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: style
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: fix printf string
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: the deferred timeout is not a settle period
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: cleanup hotplug initialisation codepath
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: upgrade some debug to warning/error
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: style
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: log error reason when trying to register hotpl...
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: remove unnecessary passing of struct fb_info *
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: remove unnecessary log spew
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: fix for operator precedence
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: checksum edid blocks
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: prettier output
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolcea861: vsdb is entirely opaque
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: rework edid exporting to userspace
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: style
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: use struct resource over int for irq
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: define additional chemistries
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasooledid: a few minor fixes for edid header
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolplatform: fix up warnings due to unused variables
2011-01-30 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: add support for presence/alert IRQs
2011-01-29 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: initialise the returned value for mains
2011-01-29 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: check function pointer before actually using it
2011-01-29 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: fix off-by-1 in string reading
2011-01-29 Matt Sealeyconfig,sb: swap battery drivers since Saleem's new...
2011-01-29 Will DeaconARM: 6387/1: errata: check primary part ID in proc...
2011-01-29 Russell KingARM: udelay: prevent math rounding resulting in short...
2011-01-28 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: binary edid property support (/sys/class/graph...
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeycea861: fix hdmi version of vsdb (should match cea...
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeycea861: fix vendor specific data block (not an extension!)
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: fix hotplug, don't printk in an interrupt...
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: prefer 1280x720 if there is an exact video...
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: add comment about vsync_len being too short...
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: properly relinquish DDC bus
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: sink_present is now more chatty
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: remove instrumentation from bus timeouts
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: bus timeout back to 50, since jiffies_to_ms...
2011-01-27 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: fix config for hotplug
2011-01-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: handle signed integer values correctly
2011-01-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: always report a value, 0 if the value is unavailable
2011-01-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: rename platform insertion status functions
2011-01-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: uniform names
2011-01-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: reorganise function layout
2011-01-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: clearer names for the battery/mains
2011-01-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: dont leak memory
2011-01-27 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: make mWh reporting correct
2011-01-26 Matt Sealeymx: fixes for platform display code
2011-01-26 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: x^0 = 1, not 0
2011-01-26 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: current_now is a signed value
2011-01-26 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: slightly clearer return path
2011-01-26 Saleem Abdulrasoolpower: fix manufacturer and serial number reporting...
2011-01-26 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: support mains/battery availability checks
2011-01-25 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: cull modes that have too short vsync_len....
2011-01-25 Saleem Abdulrasoolsbs: handle strings correctly
2011-01-24 Matt Sealeysynaptics-usb 1.5rc8 for hacking around with the touchp...
2011-01-24 Saleem Abdulrasooladd new SBS driver
2011-01-24 Matt Sealeysb: add brightness keys
2011-01-24 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: clean up siihdmi reset, remove more cs8556...
2011-01-23 Matt SealeyMove devtmpfs configs to main defconfigs
2011-01-23 Matt Sealeyremove useless unupdated default configurations
2011-01-23 Saleem AbdulrasoolKconfig: siihdmi is not useful as a module
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: we no longer need to be tied to the machine...
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: rename mxcfb_siihdmi.c to siihdmi.c
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsii9022: remove this driver entirely in favour of siihdmi
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolmx51: delete unused display variables
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasool[arm] platform: remove unused edid code
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: sii_hdmi.h -> siihdmi.h
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: move video mode selection into its own function
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: max pixclock is platform specific data
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: cleanup siihdmi_santize_modelist
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: improve siihdmi_dump_modelines
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: move res_equal into modedb
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: kill dead code
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: better driver name for IRQ
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: reset if the reset method is provided
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: add siihdmi_platform_data
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: minor cleanup of siihdmi_fb_event_handler
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: cache edid data
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: more uniform naming
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: better IPU settling handling
2011-01-23 Saleem Abdulrasoolsiihdmi: reoder function definitions
2011-01-22 Liu YingENGR00133318-1 IPUv3 CSI:Support SMFC channel interlace...
2011-01-22 Liu YingENGR00126618 V4L2 capture:Stream mode fails with all...
2011-01-22 Sammy HeENGR00133726 vpu: make clk_disable() be called only...
2011-01-22 Matt Sealeybump to .17 for development
2011-01-22 Matt Sealeybump to .16 efikasb-10.08.00-20110122
2011-01-22 Peter HueweHID: adding __init/__exit macros to module init/exit...
2011-01-22 Ben Hutchingsusbnet: Set link down initially for drivers that update...
2011-01-22 Jussi Kivilinnaasix: check packet size against mtu+ETH_HLEN instead...
2011-01-22 Neil Jonesdrivers/net/usb/asix.c: Fix unaligned accesses
2011-01-22 Jussi Kivilinnaasix: fix setting mac address for AX88772
2011-01-22 Will DeaconARM: 6468/1: backtrace: fix calculation of thread stack...
2011-01-22 Uwe Kleine... [ARM] 5613/1: implement CALLER_ADDRESSx
2011-01-22 Phil CarmodyARM: 6341/1: unwind - optimise linked-list searches...
2011-01-22 Alexander ShishkinARM: 6140/1: silence a bogus sparse warning in unwind.c
2011-01-22 Claudio ScordinoARM: 5776/1: Check compiler version and EABI support...
2011-01-22 Matt Sealeysched: update load count only once per cpu in 10 tick...
2011-01-22 Matt SealeyIPU updates from latest FSL BSP, seemingly all related...
2011-01-21 Matt Sealeysiihdmi: remove sii9022 from Kconfig for video for...
2011-01-21 Matt Sealeyefikamx: remove redundant crap from display platform...