last changeSat, 8 Mar 2014 23:09:56 +0000 (15:09 -0800)
2014-03-08 Elijah NewrenRelease 1.8.5 master v1.8.5
2014-03-08 Elijah NewrenMerge remote-tracking branch 'git/v1.8.5'
2014-03-08 Elijah Update to cool new stuff
2014-03-08 Elijah NewrenFix lots of old whitespace damage
2014-03-08 Elijah Newrenquote_args: Need to quote '&' characters too
2014-03-08 Elijah NewrenRelax parse_args to correctly handle A...B ranges where...
2014-03-08 Elijah NewrenImprove the check for whether we have no commits in...
2014-03-08 Elijah NewrenAdd support for parsing more global flags for git
2014-03-08 Elijah Newrenlog: Perform check for dropping back to plain git log...
2014-03-08 Elijah Newrenstash: Add parsing support for new store command
2014-03-08 Elijah Newrendiff, difftool: Add support for more option flags and...
2014-03-08 Elijah Newrenpush: Support new git push flags
2014-03-08 Elijah Newrenpush: Use git's push.default setting to simplify our...
2014-03-08 Elijah Newrencommit: Avoid new-unknown check if user passes --allow...
2014-03-08 Elijah NewrenChange 'unknown'->'untracked' and fix error message...
2014-03-08 Elijah NewrenSlight tweak to determination of new unknown files
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