last changeMon, 5 Jan 2015 13:19:36 +0000 (14:19 +0100)
2015-01-05 Francisco PugaUses formsrt.jar from commons lib master
2014-11-18 Francisco Pugachanges in .project and build.xml
2014-10-15 Francisco PugaUses the new library: es.icarto.gvsig.commons
2014-05-13 Francisco PugaAdds label style only if layer is labeled
2014-05-08 Francisco PugaRemoves postgres specific checks from save map overview
2014-05-08 Francisco PugaA bad index have been used to get the order field of...
2014-04-23 Francisco PugaFixes issues with unique category simbology
2014-04-23 Francisco PugaMakes WizardWindow bigger to acomodate long map names
2014-04-15 Francisco PugaAllows apply a label to a layer
2014-04-15 Francisco PugaAllows save the label of a layer in the style table
2014-04-15 Francisco PugaDelegate delete map on dbconnection methods
2014-04-15 Francisco PugaClean up
2014-04-15 Francisco PugaMoves files around
2014-04-15 Francisco PugaTabName and maps to show in AddLayer wizard are configu...
2014-04-15 Francisco PugaClean up
2014-04-15 Francisco PugaAllow set where filters only in a collection of layers
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7 years ago gvSIG-EIEL-1.0-Beta gvSIG-EIEL 1.0 Beta release
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