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last changeThu, 27 Jun 2013 20:14:00 +0000 (05:14 +0900)
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoDon't load unused library master
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoRemove working directory if no error occurred
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoAdd a changelog about remaining tempdir
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoKeep temporary directory remained on error to help...
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoDefine EUPB::Maker::Error
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoAdd changelog about media type detection
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoUse MimeMagic to detect media type of files
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoDowncase extension when detecting media type
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoAdd Task#detect_media_type and use it while making...
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoUse Addressable::URI#route_from to determine Manifest...
2013-06-27 KITAITI MakotoChange variable name: resource_path -> resource_iri...
2013-06-20 KITAITI MakotoAdd more todo
2013-06-20 KITAITI MakotoModify test for task
2013-06-20 KITAITI MakotoDefine Pathname#/ if not defined
2013-06-20 KITAITI MakotoMove example of in-place editing up
2013-06-20 KITAITI MakotoRequire edge version of EPUB Parser only when specified so
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