last changeThu, 3 Feb 2011 22:27:23 +0000 (23:27 +0100)
2011-02-03 Henrik TunedalCorrected handling of low PID numbers in logfilter... master
2011-02-02 Henrik TunedalAdded simple awk filter for logcat output.
2011-01-25 Henrik TunedalAdded scripts to unbreak the build for certain packages.
2011-01-25 Henrik TunedalAdded script to easily generate metadata skeletons.
2011-01-19 Henrik TunedalAdded support for attaching comments to packages.
2011-01-18 Henrik TunedalAdded support for rewriting license metadata.
2011-01-18 Henrik TunedalAdded simple interactive mode.
2011-01-18 Henrik TunedalImproved license recognition.
2011-01-16 Henrik TunedalMoved configuration to
2011-01-16 Henrik TunedalImplemented updates.
2011-01-16 Henrik TunedalFixed downloading, which I accidentally broke earlier.
2011-01-16 Henrik TunedalImproved recognition of licenses.
2011-01-16 Henrik TunedalCorrected handling of package names. Added license...
2011-01-16 Henrik TunedalAllow listing of files with a given license.
2011-01-15 Henrik TunedalAdded command line option for downloading.
2011-01-15 Henrik TunedalNow prints sort of meaningful info for each package.
7 years ago master