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2014-11-17 Josef P. BernhartSplit memory.fs into static and dynamic parts master
2014-11-17 Josef P. BernhartRemove deprecated file reloading and hashing code
2014-11-16 Josef P. BernhartChange license year to 2014 in fflow.vim file
2014-11-16 Josef P. BernhartAdd html to .gitignore
2014-11-16 Josef P. BernhartConvert ideas and readme to markdown format
2014-11-16 Josef P. BernhartRename README.txt to
2014-11-16 Josef P. BernhartRename IDEAS.txt to
2014-11-16 Josef P. BernhartUpdate license notice for 2014
2013-05-03 Josef Philip... Starting the containers again from scratch
2013-05-03 Josef Philip... Fixes old symbol names
2013-04-28 Josef P. BernhartTodays update for strings, changed again names
2013-04-13 Josef P. BernhartMoves gitignore to a more expected place
2013-01-27 Josef P. BernhartChanged naming of refill? to refill-input?
2013-01-26 Josef P. BernhartAdds a basic edit script
2013-01-26 Josef P. BernhartTodays update
2013-01-12 Josef P. BernhartUpdates files to match the coding style
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