2011-11-04 Matthias BachAdd default AMD header location to search path master
2011-11-04 Matthias BachPorted environment variable hint to windows.
2011-11-04 Matthias BachSource format
2011-11-04 Matthias BachFix lookup by LD_LIBRARY_PATH
2011-11-03 Nicolas BigaouetteAdded possibility to define an environment variable... 2
2011-07-14 Nicolas BigaouetteTypo 1
2011-02-01 Matthias BachIncrease chances of finding OpenCL header from NVIDIA...
2010-02-24 Matthias BachWin32 support for ATI SDK by Salnikov Anton.
2010-02-15 Matthias BachAdded detection for CPP Bindings
2010-02-13 Matthias BachStandard found-handling
2010-02-09 Matthias BachAdjusted FindOpenCL.cmake to cmake conventions as found at
2010-02-08 Matthias BachRemoved leftover debug message
2010-02-08 Matthias BachMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-08 Matthias BachAdjusted example to the latest revision of the standard.
2010-02-08 Matthias BachFixed Header finding on AMD platforms
2010-02-08 Matthias BachMade include path standard complient
2010-02-07 Matthias BachFixed include file search on NVIDIA Linux platform
2010-02-07 Matthias BachMac Support
2010-02-07 Matthias BachInitial version