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last changeMon, 9 Mar 2015 19:49:31 +0000 (20:49 +0100)
2015-03-09 Leo Grangeadd SIG_ERR definition master
2015-03-09 Leo Grangeuse static inline instead of extern inline, switch...
2015-03-09 Leo Grangechange asm to __asm__ for C99 compliance
2015-03-08 Leo Grangeadd VT100 'clear screen' escape code
2015-03-08 Leo Grangemove process state definition in interface headers
2015-03-06 Leo Grangefixed #7 (Merge branch 'tty_input_mode')
2015-03-06 Leo GrangeVTs and CDC/ACM USB TTYs now use the centralized TTY...
2015-03-06 Leo Grangeadd definitions to use a centralized TTY device
2015-03-04 Leo Grangeadd some termios flags and ioctls to get/set termios...
2015-02-28 Leo Grangemake VT cursor blinking (750ms)
2015-02-28 Leo Grangeprintk use TTY instead of VFS files, and is able to...
2015-02-28 Leo Grangemake VTs display flushes occur less often, using soft...
2015-02-28 Leo Grangemove VTs cursor management to text_display interface
2015-02-26 Leo Grangereduce kernel binary size by moving CDC/ACM TTY struct...
2015-02-26 Leo Grangedirty implementation of TTY input for CDC/ACM USB device
2015-02-26 Leo Grangeminimalist implementation of TTY termios support
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