2010-12-22 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.24 0.0.24
2010-12-22 Alexandre Dulaunoyrestart function added
2010-12-22 Alexandre DulaunoyGuess a Forban root path even if not set
2010-12-21 Alexandre DulaunoyGuessing realpath of Forban installation added
2010-12-21 Alexandre DulaunoyRecursive caching directory creation
2010-12-09 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.23 0.0.23
2010-12-09 Alexandre Dulaunoyfetch: catching socket timeout.
2010-12-09 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_opportunistic: cleanup exclusion list and logging
2010-12-09 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_opportunistic: an exclusion filter added to...
2010-12-07 Alexandre DulaunoyExit gracefully when the forban config file is missing
2010-11-01 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.22 0.0.22
2010-11-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyreturn a default value for the lastseen
2010-11-01 Alexandre Dulaunoydon't try to get value when the loot is
2010-11-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyremove query string output
2010-11-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyexclude .dotfile from search results
2010-10-31 Alexandre Dulaunoydon't show missing link on itself
2010-08-28 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.21 0.0.21
2010-08-28 Alexandre Dulaunoyopportunistic: maximum size function added to stop
2010-08-28 Alexandre Dulaunoyfail safely if not filter is configured
2010-08-28 Alexandre DulaunoyPython 2.7 tests ok
2010-08-28 Alexandre DulaunoyCheck if only one instance of Forban processes is running
2010-08-28 Alexandre Dulaunoyremove import of unused time module
2010-07-10 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.20 0.0.20
2010-07-03 Alexandre Dulaunoylogging : added a maximum file size.
2010-06-30 Alexandre DulaunoyAdd size information while browsing a Forban
2010-06-30 Alexandre DulaunoyEscape the literal string when compiling regular expression
2010-06-30 Alexandre DulaunoyMake actions more self explanatory
2010-06-05 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.19 0.0.19
2010-06-05 Alexandre DulaunoyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-06-04 Alexandre DulaunoyForban protocol updated description
2010-06-04 Alexandre DulaunoyCleanup and removal of python compiled files
2010-06-04 Alexandre DulaunoyAdded total size of each Forban discovered
2010-06-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyindex : new function to get total size of a specific...
2010-06-02 Alexandre Dulaunoytools : added a function to make du-like bytes output
2010-05-26 Alexandre DulaunoyNOTES : updates for [done] and [todo]
2010-05-24 Alexandre DulaunoyForban protocol Internet-Draft ongoing work...
2010-05-14 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.18 0.0.18
2010-05-14 Alexandre Dulaunoyforbanctl : stopping Forban services on win32 added
2010-05-13 Alexandre Dulaunoytools.rename used instead of os.rename (win32 support)
2010-05-13 Alexandre Dulaunoytmpname() : custom suffix added as a parameter
2010-05-13 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_share: don't show temporary files when browsing...
2010-05-13 Alexandre Dulaunoytools.rename() added to support specific platform like...
2010-05-02 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.17 0.0.17
2010-05-02 Alexandre DulaunoyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-05-02 Alexandre DulaunoyFix bug if loot is not existing and trying to update
2010-05-02 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.16 0.0.16
2010-05-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyfixing index not existing
2010-05-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyavoid hmac announcing value if not calculated
2010-05-02 Alexandre DulaunoyHMAC support cleanup
2010-05-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyif hmac path doesn't not exist, don't try to go further
2010-05-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyhmac support added to fetch index only on update
2010-05-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyuse luuid instead of the non-existing self.uuid
2010-05-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyloot: HMAC support added
2010-05-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyannounce protocol - name and uuid are REQUIRED while
2010-05-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_opportunistic: logging for filter
2010-05-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_share: logging to file (instead of stdout)
2010-05-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_opportunistic: logging added for info level
2010-05-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_announce : create log directory if missing
2010-04-29 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_announce : logging added in DEBUG or INFO level
2010-04-28 Alexandre DulaunoyFirst Forban build script with Pyinstaller
2010-04-28 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.15 0.0.15
2010-04-17 Alexandre DulaunoyForban Protocol : added the use of HMAC for index updat...
2010-04-17 Alexandre DulaunoyREADME: remove CherryPy as requirements (as now include...
2010-04-17 Alexandre Dulaunoyindex: option for index now used by all forban processes
2010-04-17 Alexandre Dulaunoyshare directory is now based on default path
2010-04-16 Alexandre Dulaunoysome more directory creation cleanup
2010-04-16 Alexandre Dulaunoymore path cleanup creation
2010-04-16 Alexandre Dulaunoycleanup path creation
2010-04-16 Alexandre Dulaunoycleanup path lib building to allow directory
2010-04-11 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.14 0.0.14
2010-04-11 Alexandre Dulaunoyindex : exclude temporary/dot files
2010-04-11 Alexandre Dulaunoyindex: exclude temporary files of diff index
2010-04-11 Alexandre Dulaunoyfetch: don't try to rename unexisting files
2010-04-11 Alexandre Dulaunoysetlastseen is now atomic
2010-04-11 Alexandre DulaunoyMake add a discovered loot atomic
2010-04-07 Alexandre DulaunoyNOTES updated to reflect past changes + new open points...
2010-03-31 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.13 0.0.13
2010-03-31 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_discover : IPv6/IPv4 detection improved (N900...
2010-03-31 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_discover : Improved IPv6 detection and IPv4...
2010-03-31 Alexandre Dulaunoypython_share : before binding in IPv6, test effectively...
2010-03-31 Alexandre DulaunoyAdded IPv4 binding fallback (N900 test). Even if Python...
2010-03-31 Alexandre DulaunoyShow when an index is missing.
2010-03-28 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.12 0.0.12
2010-03-28 Alexandre DulaunoyUse system available CherryPy if available, if not...
2010-03-28 Alexandre DulaunoyCherryPy 3.1.2 package is now part of Forban (to limit...
2010-03-25 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.11 0.0.11
2010-03-25 Alexandre Dulaunoyremoved HEAD support while caching index for remote...
2010-03-25 Alexandre Dulaunoymake HTTP GET atomic while writing files
2010-03-25 Alexandre Dulaunoytemporary name function for files has been added
2010-03-25 Alexandre Dulaunoytypo fixed
2010-03-25 Alexandre DulaunoyFAQ updated to include operation question over wireless...
2010-03-25 Alexandre DulaunoyLicense header added
2010-03-25 Alexandre DulaunoyLicense header added
2010-03-25 Alexandre Dulaunoyadd the full-text of GNU Affero General Public License...
2010-03-21 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.10 0.0.10
2010-03-21 Alexandre DulaunoyEncoding of filename moved from Base64 to safe URL...
2010-03-21 Alexandre DulaunoyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-21 Alexandre DulaunoyFixing non matching index or where size cannot be get...
2010-03-11 Alexandre Dulaunoyfixed a bug on web interface when the index can't be...
2010-03-07 Alexandre DulaunoyMerge branch 'master' of git://