2012-03-27 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.31 0.0.31
2012-03-18 Alexandre DulaunoyAdded a link to the presentation given at FOSDEM 2011
2012-03-18 Alexandre Dulaunoyresuscv added as CONTRIBUTOR
2012-03-10 Alexandre DulaunoyCherryPy test and tutorial removed
2012-03-07 Olaf TNSBUpdated bundled CherryPy to 3.2.2 (81c92cbcf230)
2012-01-22 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.30
2012-01-22 Alexandre Dulaunoybundled CherryPy updated to 3.2.2 0.0.30
2012-01-22 Alexandre Dulaunoyb64decode assumes bytes stream by default
2011-06-21 Alexandre Dulaunoyadded dynamic DNS idea + other
2011-04-24 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.29
2011-04-10 Alexandre DulaunoySample config for opportunistic_fs 0.0.29
2011-02-22 Alexandre DulaunoyAUTHORS document updated
2011-02-22 Alexandre DulaunoyAUTHORS page added + thanks page
2011-02-22 Alexandre DulaunoyRemove IPv4 only for index fetching.
2011-02-22 Alexandre Dulaunoytools: finddir() added
2011-02-22 Alexandre Dulaunoytools: dirtree() function added
2011-02-22 Alexandre Dulaunoyopportunistic_fs: skeleton code added
2011-02-22 Alexandre Dulaunoyopportunistic_fs: check forban directory presence
2011-02-22 Alexandre Dulaunoyopportunistic_fs: sample configuration added
2011-02-19 Alexandre DulaunoyMerge remote branch 'origin-doegox/devel'
2011-02-18 Philippe Teuwenforban_share: avoid cherrypy showing tracebacks in...
2011-02-18 Philippe Teuwenforban_share: new favicon
2011-02-17 Philippe Teuwenforban_share: avoid cherrypy showing tracebacks in...
2011-02-13 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_share: removed v4/v6 links
2011-02-13 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_share: make link relative for own Forban
2011-02-12 Alexandre Dulaunoyadded Forban on removal devices idea
2011-02-06 Alexandre DulaunoyRemoved -iany from tcpdump (Linux specific)
2011-02-06 Alexandre Dulaunoyadded comments/ideas gathered at FOSDEM 2011
2011-01-28 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.28 0.0.28
2011-01-28 Alexandre DulaunoyMissing commits imported from previous version
2011-01-28 Alexandre Dulaunoyadded dynpath missing for announce
2011-01-23 Alexandre DulaunoyForban bash client: listen on any network device
2011-01-23 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.27 0.0.27
2011-01-23 Alexandre DulaunoyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-01-23 Alexandre Dulaunoybash client: bmonitor mode added
2011-01-23 Alexandre Dulaunoydon't continue to handle socket when timed out
2011-01-23 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban/index always as a text/plain mime type
2011-01-21 Alexandre Dulaunoybe liberal even if the underlying fs is changed
2011-01-21 Alexandre Dulaunoyless verbose logging
2011-01-21 Alexandre DulaunoyDon't exclude everything by default in sample conf
2011-01-17 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.26 0.0.26
2011-01-16 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban.fid path lookup fixed
2011-01-06 Alexandre DulaunoyPath creation cleanup
2011-01-06 Alexandre Dulaunoypath creation cleanup
2011-01-06 Alexandre Dulaunoyforbanctl: delay of 0.15sec added
2010-12-31 Alexandre DulaunoyProtocol information more readable
2010-12-31 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.25 0.0.25
2010-12-31 Alexandre DulaunoyMissing links added
2010-12-31 Alexandre DulaunoyREADME in markdown format + quick install guide
2010-12-31 Alexandre DulaunoyTypo fixed
2010-12-31 Alexandre DulaunoyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-12-31 Alexandre DulaunoyForban bash client: search function added
2010-12-30 Alexandre DulaunoyConfig file exception handling simplified
2010-12-27 Alexandre Dulaunoyname and path are no more mandatory
2010-12-27 Alexandre Dulaunoyguesspath now works for Win32 platforms
2010-12-27 Alexandre Dulaunoyin default, there is no opportunistic global var
2010-12-27 Alexandre Dulaunoyfallback to opportunistic mode in any case
2010-12-27 Alexandre DulaunoyEven if the config file is missing, try to start
2010-12-26 Alexandre DulaunoyForban standalone client in bash script
2010-12-25 Alexandre DulaunoyGuess Forban name if not set in config
2010-12-22 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.24 0.0.24
2010-12-22 Alexandre Dulaunoyrestart function added
2010-12-22 Alexandre DulaunoyGuess a Forban root path even if not set
2010-12-21 Alexandre DulaunoyGuessing realpath of Forban installation added
2010-12-21 Alexandre DulaunoyRecursive caching directory creation
2010-12-09 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.23 0.0.23
2010-12-09 Alexandre Dulaunoyfetch: catching socket timeout.
2010-12-09 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_opportunistic: cleanup exclusion list and logging
2010-12-09 Alexandre Dulaunoyforban_opportunistic: an exclusion filter added to...
2010-12-07 Alexandre DulaunoyExit gracefully when the forban config file is missing
2010-11-01 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.22 0.0.22
2010-11-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyreturn a default value for the lastseen
2010-11-01 Alexandre Dulaunoydon't try to get value when the loot is
2010-11-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyremove query string output
2010-11-01 Alexandre Dulaunoyexclude .dotfile from search results
2010-10-31 Alexandre Dulaunoydon't show missing link on itself
2010-08-28 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.21 0.0.21
2010-08-28 Alexandre Dulaunoyopportunistic: maximum size function added to stop
2010-08-28 Alexandre Dulaunoyfail safely if not filter is configured
2010-08-28 Alexandre DulaunoyPython 2.7 tests ok
2010-08-28 Alexandre DulaunoyCheck if only one instance of Forban processes is running
2010-08-28 Alexandre Dulaunoyremove import of unused time module
2010-07-10 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.20 0.0.20
2010-07-03 Alexandre Dulaunoylogging : added a maximum file size.
2010-06-30 Alexandre DulaunoyAdd size information while browsing a Forban
2010-06-30 Alexandre DulaunoyEscape the literal string when compiling regular expression
2010-06-30 Alexandre DulaunoyMake actions more self explanatory
2010-06-05 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.19 0.0.19
2010-06-05 Alexandre DulaunoyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-06-04 Alexandre DulaunoyForban protocol updated description
2010-06-04 Alexandre DulaunoyCleanup and removal of python compiled files
2010-06-04 Alexandre DulaunoyAdded total size of each Forban discovered
2010-06-02 Alexandre Dulaunoyindex : new function to get total size of a specific...
2010-06-02 Alexandre Dulaunoytools : added a function to make du-like bytes output
2010-05-26 Alexandre DulaunoyNOTES : updates for [done] and [todo]
2010-05-24 Alexandre DulaunoyForban protocol Internet-Draft ongoing work...
2010-05-14 Alexandre DulaunoyForban 0.0.18 0.0.18
2010-05-14 Alexandre Dulaunoyforbanctl : stopping Forban services on win32 added
2010-05-13 Alexandre Dulaunoytools.rename used instead of os.rename (win32 support)
2010-05-13 Alexandre Dulaunoytmpname() : custom suffix added as a parameter