last changeTue, 25 Jun 2013 00:43:52 +0000 (20:43 -0400)
2013-06-25 Josh GramsMerge branch 'halfpence' master
2013-06-25 Josh Grams* END old supply attempt.
2012-12-17 Josh Grams* demand (?choose-package): allot for prepended directory.
2012-12-17 Josh Grams* demand: separate chosen/seen checks.
2012-12-15 Josh Grams* demand, supplied: fully separate choice from loading.
2012-12-14 Josh Grams* queue, flex-tester: new packages (flex-tester src...
2012-12-14 Josh Grams* demand, supplied: proper backtracking.
2012-12-14 Josh Grams* supplied: refactoring/renaming things.
2012-12-14 Josh Grams* supplied: use name/filename structure for all package...
2012-12-12 Josh Grams* demand: two passes over spec file (check/load).
2012-12-12 Josh Grams* supplied (reset-pkg-path): new factor to fix make...
2012-12-12 Josh Grams* supplied: revert to normal upward-growing temp buffer."
2012-12-11 Josh Gramsrearrange stuff, short names for text buf words.
2012-12-11 Josh Grams* demand ((demanded)): path search on filenames w/separ...
2012-12-10 Josh Grams* pkg/jg: collapse directory.
2012-12-09 Josh Grams* demand (directories-fit): avoid wrap issues, rename.
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