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last changeSun, 13 Jan 2013 00:15:12 +0000 (16:15 -0800)
2013-01-13 Ramkumar Chinchaniupdate https_everywhere version to 3.1.2 master
2012-11-08 Ramkumar Chinchanimakefile cleanup
2012-11-08 Ramkumar Chinchanipoint https_everywhere import to upstream version 3.0.3
2012-11-08 Ramkumar Chinchaniprivoxy "redirect" action uses pcrs commands which...
2012-10-24 Ramkumar Chinchanimodify to handle 3.x rulesets.
2012-10-24 Ramkumar Chinchaniupdate downloaded https_everywhere ruleset version...
2012-10-13 Ramkumar Chinchaniaddendum to the last commit
2012-10-13 Ramkumar Chinchaniadd a script driven by cron.daily that checks for new...
2012-10-12 Ramkumar ChinchaniCleanup instructions for installation.
2012-08-23 Clint Adamsdpatch is ugly and unnecessary
2012-07-20 James Vasilemove init.d over.
2012-07-20 James Vasilebug fix: don't reuse var names when moving code
2012-07-20 James Vasileadd new depends and rename init.d
2012-07-19 James Vasilechangelog
2012-07-19 James Vasileversion bump
2012-07-19 James Vasilechange 00list to series
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