dpatch is ugly and unnecessary
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2012-08-23 Clint Adamsdpatch is ugly and unnecessary master
2012-07-20 James Vasileadd new depends and rename init.d
2012-07-19 James Vasilenote docbook-website depends
2012-02-01 James Vasilenote logrotate dep
2012-01-30 James Vasilenote the need to build deps in README
2012-01-25 James VasileImprove docs and depend on beautifulsoup. Thanks to...
2012-01-15 James Vasiletypo. Thanks to Jonas Smedegaard for pointing it out.
2012-01-15 James Vasilemention make install
2012-01-15 James Vasilemore comprehensive readme
2012-01-15 James Vasileupdate readme w/ https everywhere and git2changelog...
2012-01-15 James Vasilemake it clear I don't claim copyright in privoxy or ijb
2012-01-15 James Vasiletypo
2012-01-15 James Vasilecredit privoxy and junkbuster now that we're making...
2012-01-14 James Vasileindicate that we've done more than just config here
2012-01-14 James Vasileadd README