dpatch is ugly and unnecessary
[freedombox-privoxy:freedombox-privoxy.git] / make_deb.sh
2012-08-23 Clint Adamsdpatch is ugly and unnecessary master
2012-07-20 James Vasilemove init.d over.
2012-07-19 James Vasilechange 00list to series
2012-07-19 James Vasileversion fiddling for make_deb
2012-01-30 James Vasilenudge user about deb-src line.
2012-01-30 James Vasileadd a bit of debug
2012-01-15 James Vasileversion fiddling to satisfy debuild
2012-01-15 James Vasileget version from version file, not from privoxy package
2012-01-14 James Vasileno need to edit pcrs.c or pcrs.h. We can do the multi...
2012-01-14 James Vasilebuild deb in Makefile, so make_deb.sh just sets up...
2012-01-14 James Vasilemove edited versions of orig files to privoxy subdir
2012-01-14 James Vasilesign package
2012-01-14 James Vasilebetter dir handling
2012-01-14 James Vasileadd our changelog to deb package
2012-01-14 James Vasilecleanup privoxy dir
2012-01-14 James Vasilerefactor
2012-01-14 James Vasilerename init.d and edit doc-base
2012-01-14 James Vasilestart to repackage privoxy as freedombox-privoxy