2012-08-23 Clint Adamsdpatch is ugly and unnecessary master
2012-07-20 James Vasilemove init.d over.
2012-07-20 James Vasilebug fix: don't reuse var names when moving code
2012-07-20 James Vasileadd new depends and rename init.d
2012-07-19 James Vasilechangelog
2012-07-19 James Vasileversion bump
2012-07-19 James Vasilechange 00list to series
2012-07-19 James Vasilenote docbook-website depends
2012-07-19 James Vasileuse release version of https-everywhere
2012-07-19 James Vasiledownload https-everywhere release
2012-07-19 James Vasileversion fiddling for make_deb
2012-03-13 James Vasileupdate changelog
2012-03-13 James Vasileversion bump
2012-03-13 James Vasileplatform attribute and compensate for broken xml
2012-02-01 James Vasilenote logrotate dep
2012-02-01 James Vasileadd python-lxml and devscripts to build deps
2012-01-30 James Vasileregenerate changelog
2012-01-30 James VasileVERSION
2012-01-30 James Vasilenudge user about deb-src line.
2012-01-30 James Vasilenote the need to build deps in README
2012-01-30 James Vasileadd a bit of debug
2012-01-28 James Vasiledepend on python-lxml. Thanks to Ale London.
2012-01-28 James Vasilebump version
2012-01-28 James Vasileuse read-only address for git2changelog
2012-01-25 James Vasiledepend on beautifulsoup
2012-01-25 James Vasileupdate changelog
2012-01-25 James Vasilebump version
2012-01-25 James VasileImprove docs and depend on beautifulsoup. Thanks to...
2012-01-18 James Vasileversion bump
2012-01-18 James Vasileupdate changelog
2012-01-17 James Vasilefix whitespace
2012-01-17 James Vasilerewrite_url should be threadsafe and not clobber pcrs_c...
2012-01-15 James Vasiletypo. Thanks to Jonas Smedegaard for pointing it out.
2012-01-15 James Vasilemention make install
2012-01-15 James Vasilemore comprehensive readme
2012-01-15 James Vasileupdate changelog
2012-01-15 James Vasileupdate readme w/ https everywhere and git2changelog...
2012-01-15 James Vasileversion fiddling to satisfy debuild
2012-01-15 James Vasileno, I got the privoxy dir fiddling backwards
2012-01-15 James Vasiledo not sign deb package
2012-01-15 James Vasilemake it clear I don't claim copyright in privoxy or ijb
2012-01-15 James Vasiletypo
2012-01-15 James Vasileget version from version file, not from privoxy package
2012-01-15 James Vasilemkdir vendor
2012-01-15 James VasileMakefile should reflect that we moved easy*.action...
2012-01-15 James Vasilecredit privoxy and junkbuster now that we're making...
2012-01-14 James Vasileindicate that we've done more than just config here
2012-01-14 James Vasileescape @
2012-01-14 James Vasileupdate changelog
2012-01-14 James Vasilesplit action lines on tabs and do multiple regexes...
2012-01-14 James Vasileuse tabs to do multiple regexes per domain
2012-01-14 James Vasileno need to edit pcrs.c or pcrs.h. We can do the multi...
2012-01-14 James Vasilegenerated rulesets should depend on the generating...
2012-01-14 James Vasileignore object files
2012-01-14 James Vasileallow multiple regexes for redirects. This probably...
2012-01-14 James Vasilebuild deb in Makefile, so just sets up...
2012-01-14 James Vasilemove edited versions of orig files to privoxy subdir
2012-01-14 James Vasilereplace upstream configs
2012-01-14 James Vasilesign package
2012-01-14 James Vasileenable easyprivacy
2012-01-14 James Vasilebetter dir handling
2012-01-14 James Vasileadd our changelog to deb package
2012-01-14 James Vasilechangelog depends on .git/objects so we update as needed
2012-01-14 James Vasilecleanup privoxy dir
2012-01-14 James Vasileclean vendor/git2changelog
2012-01-14 James Vasilerefactor
2012-01-14 James Vasiledon't hide name of https_everywhere file
2012-01-14 James Vasileignore git2changelog
2012-01-14 James Vasilemake_deb should depend on the action lists
2012-01-14 James Vasilegenerate changelog
2012-01-14 James Vasileput easy urls in script and Makefile
2012-01-14 James Vasilerename init.d and edit doc-base
2012-01-14 James Vasileimprove description of package
2012-01-14 James Vasileuse original config filenames
2012-01-14 James Vasilemention https-everywhere and easyprivacy in package...
2012-01-14 James Vasilemake deb calls script. cleanup make clean
2012-01-14 James Vasilewarn user about firewall
2012-01-14 James VasileIgnore generated and dloaded Debian files
2012-01-14 James Vasilegplv3
2012-01-14 James Vasilecontrol file for freedombox's version of privoxy
2012-01-14 James Vasilestart to repackage privoxy as freedombox-privoxy
2012-01-14 James Vasiledo not log
2012-01-14 James Vasileadd README
2012-01-14 James Vasileadd changelog
2012-01-14 James Vasilelisten to the world. Can you hear me now?
2012-01-14 James Vasileignore https-everywhere dir
2012-01-14 James Vasileinitial commit
2012-01-14 James Vasiletypo
2012-01-14 James Vasileadd in custom filters for freedombox ssl and privacy
2012-01-14 James Vasileadd makefile
2012-01-14 James Vasileimport scripts should be executable
2012-01-14 James Vasileconfig to use our actions and filters
2012-01-14 James Vasilematch version to privoxy
2012-01-05 James Vasileinitial commit