2013-09-02 Nick DalyPants's cleanups: split connector creation, container... master
2013-07-21 Nick DalyReverted controller changes.
2013-07-21 Nick DalyMade controller tests a smidge easier to read.
2013-07-21 Nick DalyRemoved the experimental changes.
2013-07-21 Nick DalyVariable KEYS_TEST is undefined.
2013-07-21 Nick DalyRemoved unused (test?) script.
2013-07-20 Nick DalyLoad URL correctly.
2013-07-20 Nick DalyUse variables better. Escape PYTHONPATH variable corre...
2013-07-20 Nick Dalyparse_args is local to santiago_run.
2013-07-20 Nick DalyMerged Tom's latest changes.
2013-07-20 Nick DalyAt least 3 of 4 fixes have been implemented for this...
2013-07-20 Nick DalyRefmormatted comments.
2013-07-20 Nick DalyRemoved completed tasks.
2013-07-20 Nick DalyAdded TODOs.
2013-07-20 Nick DalyRequire python-contract. It's wonderful!
2013-06-28 Tom GallowayUpdated tests to run with new python-gnupg version.
2013-06-28 Tom GallowayRevert python-gnupg change as doesn't handle KEYREVOKED...
2013-06-28 Tom GallowayMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-06-28 Nick DalyProperly quote arguments again.
2013-06-28 Nick DalyUse Isis's python-gnupg repository.
2013-06-28 Nick DalyClarified data model.
2013-06-27 Nick DalyRoll back change 65be5a7: v0.5.2
2013-06-26 Nick DalyWith Wheezy, we no longer need an out-of-tree python... v0.5.1
2013-06-26 Nick DalyMade getting started easier.
2013-06-26 Nick DalyClarified Getting Started.
2013-06-26 Nick DalyFixing https_sender controller path.
2013-06-26 Nick DalyAdded a "Getting Started" section. It's really simple.
2013-06-26 Nick DalyCLI-Listener is required for normal operation.
2013-06-25 Tom GallowayExtra tests for CLI connector
2013-06-25 Tom GallowayMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-25 Tom GallowayTests for Cli connectors & move to twisted matrix for...
2013-06-25 Tom GallowayFixes/changes to test to reflect latest changes.
2013-06-25 Tom GallowayMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-06-25 Nick DalyChanges required to actually complete a message exchange: v0.5
2013-06-24 Nick DalyFirst pass at finishing data model v2, including update...
2013-06-24 Nick DalyClarified data model a little.
2013-06-23 Nick DalyStarted work on data model version 3.
2013-06-23 Nick DalyMinor naming and functional fixes.
2013-06-23 Nick DalyConverted "-update-timestamp" string literal to function.
2013-06-23 Nick DalyRolled back my nutty idea of unifying all hosting and...
2013-06-22 Nick DalyReformatted README a little.
2013-06-21 Tom GallowayChanges to allow to run correctly.
2013-06-21 Tom GallowayUpdates to relative location of files in script.
2013-06-19 Tom GallowayEnsure test saved files are in their own directories...
2013-06-18 Tom GallowayUpdated to python-gnupg 0.3.4, Ensure shelve directory...
2013-05-17 Tom GallowayNeed python-gnupg 0.3.3 version so can't rely on packag...
2013-05-17 Tom GallowayExtra predepends for base wheezy install - including...
2013-05-17 Tom GallowayChanged data model to have service update timestamp...
2013-05-17 Tom GallowayMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-05-16 Nick DalyThese requirements are symmetric.
2013-05-16 Nick DalyAdded data model wiki page. Needs more data.
2013-05-14 Tom GallowayChanges for issue.
2013-05-08 Tom GallowayMoving test data to a folder under tests.
2013-05-07 Tom GallowayMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-05-07 Tom GallowayFirst try at proxy tests & updates.
2013-05-07 Nick DalyMerge branch 'master' of
2013-05-06 Nick DalyAdded possible tests for the response time validation...
2013-05-06 Nick DalyAdded assumption: response time is good enough.
2013-05-05 Nick DalyMoved bugs from numbers to names again.
2013-04-16 Tom Gallowaypython-cherrypy3 needs to be installed.
2013-04-16 Tom GallowayAdded more test coverage.
2013-04-14 Tom GallowayTest GPG folder and config committed to allow test...
2013-04-14 Tom GallowayIncreased test coverage.
2013-04-10 Tom GallowayTests added as suggested by nosetests coverage.
2013-04-03 Nick DalyMerge pull request #11 from tomgalloway/master
2013-04-03 Tom GallowayResolved FIXME: unify create_hosting and create_consumi...
2013-04-03 Tom GallowayChanges to allow nose to be run against our tests ...
2013-04-02 Tom GallowayUpdated issues page for expired/revoked keys
2013-04-01 Tom GallowayPylint changes
2013-03-29 Tom GallowayPylint changes
2013-03-28 Tom GallowayUpdated with revoked key tests. Updated python-gnupg...
2013-03-22 Tom GallowayFurther Pylint changes.
2013-03-22 Tom GallowayUpdated makefile as expired_keys are now saved in new...
2013-03-22 Tom GallowayCreated correct tests for handling expired keys. Also...
2013-03-20 Tom GallowayMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-02-27 Nick DalyMerge pull request #8 from thecloakproject/master
2013-02-25 Steve PhillipsFixed outdated URLs in wiki/ Fixes #10
2013-02-25 Steve PhillipsQUICKSTART now symlinked properly
2013-02-19 Nick DalyMerge pull request #7 from tomgalloway/master
2013-02-18 Tom GallowayRemoval of lang for load_config. Indentation change...
2013-02-18 Tom GallowayMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-02-18 Tom GallowayMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-02-18 Nick DalyMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-18 Nick DalyLinked quickstart to root.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyRemoved quickstart from root.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyMoved quickstart to wiki directory.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyCreated quickstart.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyHandle new HTTPS controller arguments.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyConvert all internal superclass calls to external commands.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyRaise 500 error if values is None.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyRename Learn to Query.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyProcess external calls to the CLI connector.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyRename some classes.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyCall outgoing requests correctly.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyRename to include module name.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyAdd "query" action, make action lists explicit.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyValidate and process new argument structure.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyValidate args based on new structure.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyUpdate options to reflect new structure.
2013-02-18 Nick DalyCompletely rewrote https unit tests for 3-tier model.