last changeTue, 7 Jun 2011 15:17:34 +0000 (17:17 +0200)
2011-06-07 Thomas Biegeupdated templates etc master
2011-06-07 Thomas Biegescript to query xml templates
2011-06-07 Thomas Biegefixed parsing of the target file
2011-06-07 Thomas Biegefixes
2011-06-07 Thomas Biegeok fixed handling of filehandlers
2011-06-07 Thomas Biegejust some code fixing, but still not able to fix the...
2011-01-18 Thomas Biegeupdated for fuzzdb svn checkout
2011-01-18 Thomas Biegeremoved and swtched to fuzz_pm repo, see INSTALL
2010-10-19 Thomas Biegetypo
2010-10-19 Thomas Biege- fixed fuzz mode cmd-line option which was broken...
2010-08-13 Thomas Biege- removed debug code
2010-08-13 Thomas Biege- added fuzzdb (good idea?)
2010-07-28 Thomas Biege- update after finishing registration code fuzz testing...
2010-07-26 Thomas Biege- added mode=noget
2010-07-26 Thomas Biege- added mode=interesting
2010-07-23 Thomas Biege- added SLMS register fuzzing
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