2008-06-05 levesnetChanged file moving by ftp to FileUtils v1.2.7
2008-06-05 levesnetChanged file moving by ftp to FileUtils
2008-03-25 levesnetfix saving empty captions
2008-03-19 levesnetthumb publish bug
2008-03-14 levesnetfixed publishing of files when a primary editable item...
2008-03-05 levesnet image processing alteration
2008-03-03 levesnet fixed deletion and row position problem
2008-02-29 levesnet modified g_admin functional test
2008-02-29 levesnet created g_admin functional test
2008-02-27 levesnettemplate list save bug fix
2008-02-27 levesnetlocation save bug fix
2008-02-22 levesnet more deprecation stuff for Rails 2.0
2008-02-22 levesnet fixed mailing problem with 2.0 (hidden in localization)
2008-02-21 levesnet fixed delete in sub repeaters bug
2008-02-14 levesnetmore tweaks
2008-02-14 levesnetmore tweaks
2008-02-14 levesnetrails 2.0 fine tuning (authenticity token)
2008-02-14 levesnetadd classic pagination to source
2008-02-14 levesnetapplied english translations to all new translations...
2008-02-14 levesnettweek
2008-02-14 levesnetcofig tweek
2008-02-14 levesnetmove constants in line with Rails 2.0 + add nl lang...
2008-02-08 levesnetvarious changes from Bert
2008-02-07 levesnet bug when using localize on images and new ones are...
2008-01-30 levesnettweeks + squaring thumbs
2008-01-21 levesnettaking out of notifier
2008-01-11 levesnetfixed positioning and publishing bug
2007-12-28 levesnetChanges to get ready for Rails 2.0
2007-12-21 levesnetalter routes to use language_id
2007-12-12 levesnetallowing of @language_id use in template definitions...
2007-12-07 levesnetimprove g_pub_controller.rb
2007-11-28 levesnetminor change on new responds_to_parent method
2007-11-27 levesnet made updating via responds_to_parent alot cleaner
2007-11-23 levesnet check that if correct size don't crop for image croppi...
2007-11-20 levesnetset to cleanup on save for tinymce
2007-11-12 levesnet put migration in standard_setup
2007-11-10 levesnetitalian language flag
2007-11-10 levesnetmigration bug
2007-11-10 levesnet migration for db setup
2007-11-09 levesnet added Italian to source for admin interface
2007-10-30 levesnet fixed bug due to empty paginator ie. not enough repeat...
2007-10-23 levesnet added ability to add / when getting link address
2007-10-11 levesnetPaging and smart updates for publishing
2007-10-10 levesnetbug fix allowing thumbs to be squared
2007-10-06 levesnettweek admin show of alt
2007-09-20 levesnetbug fix for selects in item edits and show regarding...
2007-08-22 levesnetfixed bug so tinymce works ok in ajax row edits
2007-08-20 levesnetadd responds to parent plugin for ajax
2007-08-20 levesnetpolishing ajax commit part 2
2007-08-20 levesnetpolishing ajax commit
2007-08-20 levesnet ajaxafy editing of content
2007-08-20 levesnet ajax update for g_admin_controller
2007-08-16 levesnet changed license text to MIT license
2007-07-26 levesnetfix spelling mistake in admin title
2007-07-13 levesnet made alt for images languagafiable
2007-07-13 levesnet fixed the publish under id_field system
2007-07-13 levesnetMade comments multi lingual
2007-07-03 antadded hash for select options
2007-06-20 ant fix bug in empty file upload
2007-06-19 antbug fix due to square functionality
2007-06-17 ant bug fix for original image upload
2007-06-17 ant bug fix for assets address
2007-06-15 antfix square bug
2007-06-15 antadded square
2007-06-13 antadd row to top
2007-06-12 antcropping built in
2007-06-01 ant image captions with not formatting
2007-05-22 ant distributed with licence
2007-05-22 anttook out reverse row order
2007-05-22 ant image caption not showing with width bug
2007-05-21 ant fixed caption not coming through on publish bug
2007-05-21 antalter admin layout
2007-05-21 antcreate db mods 2
2007-05-21 antcreate db mods
2007-05-21 antadding functionality for caption and alt text for images
2007-05-18 ant alt and caption for images
2007-05-18 ant various changes
2007-05-17 ant update Geego README
2007-05-17 ant view updates change to geego_assets
2007-05-17 ant view updates change to geego_assets
2007-05-16 ant directory name changes - part 2
2007-05-16 ant directory name changes
2007-05-16 antimproved g_pub controller and routes
2007-05-15 antchanged tpl definitions to geego in admin code
2007-05-15 ant renamed templates folder
2007-05-15 ant renamed templates folder
2007-05-11 antmisc updates
2007-05-10 ant fix list files bug
2007-05-02 ant made repeater ids automatic
2007-05-02 ant changed all occurances of gee_templates to geego_templates
2007-05-02 antmoved gee_templates to geego_templates
2007-05-02 ant various pre-release improvements
2007-04-26 ant change to readme
2007-04-26 ant various changes
2007-04-23 ant removed unused images 2
2007-04-23 ant tidy up + alter the gee sql create
2007-04-23 ant addition of full admin functionality
2007-04-23 ant removed unused images
2007-04-03 antwhite space bug
2007-03-22 ant renamed template folder + bug fixes in g_admin