last changeTue, 2 Feb 2010 23:07:33 +0000 (00:07 +0100)
2010-02-02 Lorenzo MasiniRemoved Tile struct. master
2010-01-27 Lorenzo MasiniRenamed MapWidget::setMapCenter() to MapWidget::centerOn().
2010-01-26 Lorenzo MasiniUpdated TODO file.
2010-01-26 Lorenzo MasiniSwitched to Q_GLOBAL_STATIC for map sources list.
2010-01-25 Lorenzo MasiniHandled keyboard in MapWidget class.
2010-01-25 Lorenzo MasiniRefactoring of BalloonMarker draw functions and initial...
2010-01-25 Lorenzo MasiniAdded qrc files to .gitignore.
2010-01-25 Lorenzo MasiniDefined type for AbstractMarker class and switched...
2010-01-25 Lorenzo MasiniAdded convenience constructors for BalloonMarker and...
2010-01-25 Lorenzo MasiniImplemented the shared d-pointer for markers classes.
2010-01-24 Lorenzo MasiniCorrected the incomplemte previous commit.
2010-01-24 Lorenzo MasiniSepared the private implementation class definition...
2010-01-21 Lorenzo MasiniAdded BalloonMarker class and updated the demo.
2010-01-21 Lorenzo MasiniFixed a bug in marker reposition.
2010-01-21 Lorenzo MasiniInitial implementation of markers.
2010-01-20 Lorenzo MasiniChanged the lib target and updated the demo.
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