last changeFri, 27 Mar 2015 12:18:28 +0000 (13:18 +0100)
2015-03-27 Adrian DaerrPush buffers back immediately after each save master v1.8
2015-03-27 Adrian DaerrCosmetic changes to new_buffer_cb
2015-03-27 Adrian DaerrLog gevCapture version to meta-file
2015-03-26 Adrian DaerrPrevent deadlock between aravis/new_buffer_cb and buffe...
2015-03-13 Adrian DaerrSave in single fwrite call when saveWidth==imageWidth v1.7
2015-03-13 Adrian DaerrCosmetics: whitespace clean-up
2015-03-13 Adrian DaerrAdd buffer_save_thread to alleviate the capture thread
2015-03-09 Adrian DaerrStart acquisition only when everything else is set up
2015-03-09 Adrian DaerrMake thread, mutex and variable names more coherent
2015-03-09 Adrian DaerrReduce time each of the threads locks mutexes.
2015-03-04 Adrian DaerrSheesh... add quotation marks (for 7355f0a) v1.6
2015-03-04 Adrian DaerrCorrect regression introduced in f964406
2015-03-04 Adrian Daerr.gitignore: +gevCapture.c
2015-03-04 Adrian DaerrRevert to using buffer_id for frame-counting instead...
2015-03-03 Adrian DaerrPrint camera model name to meta-file
2015-03-03 Adrian DaerrCapture forever if no limit is given via -N
3 years ago v1.8 With a dead-lock bug removed and...
3 years ago v1.7 The main commit since v1.6 is 5232f...
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