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last changeSun, 4 May 2008 00:31:28 +0000 (17:31 -0700)
2008-05-04 Justin Tomichadded explicit checks to see if file is being tracked... master RELv6
2008-05-01 Justin Tomichnow extra-careful about getting vcs roots. ProjectVcsMg... RELv5
2008-04-30 Justin Tomichchange provider defensively checks to make sure dirs... RELv4
2008-04-30 Justin Tomichnothing really yet, just tests
2008-04-30 Justin Tomichresolving merge from pull from RELv2 on gitorious
2008-04-30 Justin Tomichadded fileExists type methods, added Refresh action...
2008-04-30 Justin Tomichtrivial update, just cleaning up for next rel tag RELv2
2008-04-30 Justin Tomichremoved IndexEntry, which isn't being used
2008-04-30 Justin Tomichnow dealing with new repositories correctly... they...
2008-04-29 Justin Tomichsignificant overhaul, prepping for repo status blowout...
2008-04-28 Justin Tomichstreamlined AddAction, moved some guts to ActionUtil.
2008-04-27 Justin Tomichadded tag action
2008-04-27 Justin Tomichcheckin dialog can now add unversioned files. cleaned... RELv3
2008-04-27 Justin Tomichturned println's into logger stmts.
2008-04-27 Justin Tomichadded a few comments
2008-04-27 Justin Tomichrenamed repo status factory
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