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last changeTue, 26 Aug 2014 17:46:56 +0000 (19:46 +0200)
2014-08-26 Piotr SolnicaUser absolute paths for assets master
2014-02-18 Christian JohansenConservative redirect to API browser
2013-09-26 Christian JohansenAdd GET action for memberships
2013-09-25 Christian JohansenAdd test for committers endpoint
2013-07-17 Christian JohansenDon't render 404 file
2013-07-17 Christian JohansenProper "not found" error handling for users as well
2013-07-17 Christian JohansenProper "not found" error handling
2013-07-17 Christian JohansenRepositoryLookup supports URL-encoded slashes
2013-07-01 Christian JohansenServe 404s with, well, 404
2013-06-05 Christian JohansenAdd repository lookup endpoint
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenAdd committers and repositories endpoints
2013-06-04 Christian JohansenAdd current_user that doesn't raise
2013-06-03 Christian JohansenMinor fixes
2013-04-09 Christian JohansenWorking first version of the API
2013-03-19 Christian JohansenFunctional create project endpoint
2013-03-18 Christian JohansenAdd run script
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