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2012-04-07 Michael HillAdded supported-protocols master
2012-03-31 Arash MousaviUpdated Persian Translations
2012-03-30 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2012-03-30 Zeeshan Ali... Add SPICE agent channel to newly created domains
2012-03-30 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-03-30 Praveen IllaUpdated Telugu Translation
2012-03-30 Zeeshan Ali... notificationbar: Don't timeout if main window isn't...
2012-03-30 Zeeshan Ali... notificationbar: Fix label's fg color
2012-03-29 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2012-03-29 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2012-03-29 Marc-André... layout: fix broken Collection layout (v2 follow-up)
2012-03-29 Marc-André... layout: fix broken Wizard and Properties layout
2012-03-29 Zeeshan Ali... wizard: Switch source to main page on cancellation
2012-03-29 Zeeshan Ali... Rid of theme parser warnings
2012-03-29 Zeeshan Ali... wizard: Move to URL page when file is selected
2012-03-29 Zeeshan Ali... Sane default sound & video devices for unknown OSs
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