tests: updated the suite to account for the removal of DSA by default
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2014-04-26 Nikos Mavrogiannop... cleaned up authors and thanks file.
2012-11-09 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added Martin
2012-09-27 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added Olga and Ilya to authors.
2012-06-09 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added author of code.
2012-01-16 Simon JosefssonCollapse and cleanup copyright information.
2012-01-16 Simon JosefssonRun 'make update-copyright'.
2011-09-07 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added support for VIA padlock based on Andy's code...
2011-07-24 Nikos Mavrogiannop... removed pgp key from authors file.
2011-06-21 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added LRN.
2011-06-18 Nikos Mavrogiannop... bumped version.
2011-03-16 Nikos Mavrogiannop... updated Jonathan
2010-09-14 Nikos Mavrogiannop... updated for 2.11.1
2010-06-04 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added Jonathan.
2010-05-22 Simon JosefssonChange GNU TLS into GnuTLS.
2010-04-22 Simon JosefssonUpdate my OpenPGP key.
2010-01-27 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2010-01-27 Simon JosefssonFix license.
2009-09-10 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2009-08-31 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2009-08-19 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2009-05-20 Simon JosefssonFix PGP key.
2008-12-11 Simon Josefssongnutls: New interface to get key id for certificate...
2008-06-18 Simon Josefssonlibgnutls [OpenPGP]: New APIs to retrieve fingerprint...
2008-03-08 NikosMerge branch 'master' of ssh://nmav@git.sv.gnu.org...
2008-02-26 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2008-02-26 Simon JosefssonAdd.
2008-01-17 Simon JosefssonUpdate Ludovic's e-mail.
2007-10-30 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Changed my name to my "official" name.
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2007-06-14 Simon JosefssonChange Ludovic' description.
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2005-08-31 Simon JosefssonUpdate my PGP key.
2005-05-26 Simon JosefssonUpdate FSF office address in license.
2004-11-04 Simon JosefssonAdd link to PGP key.
2004-10-24 Simon JosefssonResign PGP key.
2004-10-12 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2004-08-22 Simon JosefssonAdd copying conditions, and PGP release key.
2003-12-26 Nikos Mavrogiannop... * Added CRL verification functionality to certtool.
2002-08-17 Nikos Mavrogiannop... included cvs aliases into authors file
2002-06-19 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2002-02-05 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added Timo
2001-12-01 Nikos Mavrogiannop... updated detection of library settings
2001-11-30 Nikos Mavrogiannop... The RDN sequence needed in the certificate request...
2001-11-20 Nikos Mavrogiannop... updated
2001-06-13 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added Fabio in AUTHORS, fixed the way ChangeLog is...
2001-01-16 Nikos Mavrogiannop... updated authors - tarun left
2000-10-13 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added a DER parser from Tarun and updated authors
2000-10-07 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added my name
2000-03-08 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***