Merge branch 'master' of git://
[gnutls:gnutls.git] /
2007-09-17 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2007-09-07 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-09-03 Simon JosefssonUse three-digit versions.
2007-08-31 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-08-31 Simon JosefssonDrop gnits mode.
2007-08-20 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-08-16 Simon JosefssonBump version.
2007-08-11 Simon JosefssonSet shared library version correctly.
2007-08-08 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-07-14 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-06-29 Simon JosefssonCheck for scm_from_locale_string instead of SCM_API.
2007-06-26 Simon JosefssonCheck that the guile header files is recent enough...
2007-06-26 Simon JosefssonMove Guile setup stuff down under 'External libraries'.
2007-06-26 Simon JosefssonFix installation path of Guile bindings.
2007-06-26 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-06-26 Ludovic CourtesMake sure Guile is 1.8 or later.
2007-06-13 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-06-11 Simon JosefssonNeed to use CFLAGS when checking for -Wno-pointer-sign.
2007-06-08 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-06-08 Simon JosefssonMerge branch 'guile'
2007-06-06 Ludovic CourtesFixed the `-Wno-strict-prototypes' issue in Guile code.
2007-06-06 Ludovic CourtesCosmetic changes in `'.
2007-06-06 Ludovic CourtesDon't look for Guile when `guile-snarf' is not found.
2007-05-31 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-05-31 Ludovic CourtesBuild cleanups following Simon's comments.
2007-05-31 Simon JosefssonMerge branch 'master' of
2007-05-30 Ludovic CourtèsTiny cosmetic change in `'.
2007-05-30 Ludovic CourtèsTry to handle "function declaration isn't a prototype...
2007-05-29 Ludovic CourtèsStarted Guile integration.
2007-05-26 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-05-26 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-05-24 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-05-14 Timo Schulzadd makefile for the openpgp test folder
2007-04-22 Simon JosefssonCheck for OpenCDK function that is only available in...
2007-04-16 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-04-10 Simon JosefssonAdd anon conditional.
2007-04-10 Simon JosefssonFix --disable-*.
2007-04-10 Simon JosefssonAdd --disable-tls-authorization.
2007-04-03 Simon JosefssonNeed stddef.h for opencdk.h.
2007-04-03 Simon JosefssonFix LIBGNUTLS_EXTRA_* for cdk changes.
2007-04-03 Simon JosefssonUse AC_LIB_HAVE_LINKFLAGS to find opencdk, remove openc...
2007-03-07 Simon JosefssonBump due to added APIs.
2007-03-05 Simon JosefssonReorder.
2007-03-05 Simon JosefssonReorder.
2007-03-05 Simon JosefssonReorder.
2007-03-05 Simon JosefssonUse build-aux/.
2007-02-22 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-02-22 Simon JosefssonFix so version due to added APIs.
2007-02-16 Simon JosefssonAdd self test of rfc2818 server identity check.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonFix for version-etc.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonRemove stuff obsoleted by time_r.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonDon't check for time.h, not needed.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonFix PKI test.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonAdd conditional for PKI stuff.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonRevert.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonRevert.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonBuild src/lib/.
2007-02-13 Simon JosefssonInit src/lib/.
2007-02-12 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-02-12 Simon JosefssonNew APIs, bump libtool library versions.
2007-02-06 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-02-06 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-02-05 Simon JosefssonAdd SHA-2 self test.
2007-02-02 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-02-01 Simon JosefssonTypo.
2007-02-01 Simon JosefssonAdd key-id self test.
2007-01-26 Simon JosefssonTest for pathlen bug (and general certificate parsing).
2007-01-16 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-01-12 Simon JosefssonDon't use -mms-bitfields --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc.
2007-01-11 Simon JosefssonSupport pathLenConstraint.
2007-01-05 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2007-01-05 Simon JosefssonRevert part of patch.
2007-01-05 Simon JosefssonTiny patch from (Ludovic Courtès).
2006-12-27 Simon JosefssonAdd tests/userid/.
2006-12-10 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2006-12-10 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2006-11-26 Simon JosefssonMove AM_CONDITIONAL outside of 'if gcc' clause, fixes...
2006-11-25 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2006-11-17 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2006-11-15 Simon JosefssonBump versions (done incorrectly in the 1.5.4 release).
2006-11-05 Simon JosefssonSet SOVERSION here.
2006-10-30 Simon JosefssonSimplify ssize_t test.
2006-10-30 Simon JosefssonSimplify #include's using gnulib modules.
2006-10-30 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2006-10-24 Simon JosefssonAdd tests.
2006-10-21 Simon JosefssonAdd lgl/ for LGPLed gnulib modules (for lib/) and use...
2006-10-03 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2006-09-25 Simon JosefssonUse library shared version 13 instead of 14, incrementi...
2006-09-25 Simon JosefssonImprove the C++ test, to handle CXX env. variables...
2006-09-24 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2006-09-18 Simon JosefssonGnulib seems to require autoconf 2.60? Bump it.
2006-08-13 Simon JosefssonBump versions.
2006-08-13 Simon JosefssonCreate *.def files for libraries, on mingw.
2006-08-13 Simon JosefssonAdd void*, for GNUTLS_POINTER_TO_INT_CAST macros.
2006-08-11 Simon JosefssonDon't overwrite CFLAGS.
2006-08-06 Simon JosefssonFix --without-included-libtasn1, reported by Daniel...
2006-07-11 Simon JosefssonImprove valgrind test.
2006-06-27 Simon JosefssonFix valgrind test.
2006-06-27 Simon JosefssonMove around, to make $cross_compile work.
2006-06-27 Simon JosefssonAdd --enable-valgrind-tests that make it possible to...