Add cyclomatic code complexity charts.
[gnutls:gnutls.git] / doc /
2008-11-07 Simon JosefssonAdd cyclomatic code complexity charts.
2008-11-04 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files. Use GFDLv1.3 for manual.
2008-10-30 Simon JosefssonSeparate headers as well. Clean up -I's.
2008-09-23 Simon JosefssonUse a stylesheet for texinfo HTML manual.
2008-09-16 Simon JosefssonFix.
2008-08-02 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-07-22 Simon JosefssonDrop doxygen.
2008-07-10 Simon JosefssonAdd doxygen scripts.
2008-07-08 Simon JosefssonFix typos.
2008-07-08 Simon JosefssonGenerate algorithms.texi the same way as error_codes...
2008-07-06 Nikos Mavrogiannop... automatically generate the appendix with supported...
2008-06-04 Simon JosefssonMerge branch 'gnutls_with_netconf'
2008-04-21 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-04-21 Simon JosefssonDon't clean Guile documentations on make clean.
2008-01-15 Simon JosefssonFix pgp-api.texi move.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonGPLv3 typo.
2007-12-09 Simon JosefssonMore GPLv3 fixes.
2007-10-30 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Changed my name to my "official" name.
2007-10-08 Nikos Mavrogiannop... (no commit message)
2007-09-17 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Merge branch 'master' of git://
2007-09-17 Simon JosefssonMove test credentials from src/ to doc/credentials/.
2007-08-15 Simon JosefssonTypo.
2007-08-15 Simon JosefssonInstall images in info directory.
2007-08-15 Simon JosefssonMore image renaming.
2007-08-15 Simon JosefssonRename images to deal with texinfo brokenness.
2007-08-15 Simon JosefssonRemove my-bib-macros, not used.
2007-08-08 Ludovic CourtèsFixed CPPFLAGS for Guile code and documentation.
2007-07-08 Simon JosefssonAvoid make errors regarding internals.texi.
2007-07-08 Simon JosefssonFix build failure in doc/ when guile isn't installed...
2007-07-02 Simon JosefssonUpdate gnulib files. Fix GPL renaming.
2007-06-12 Simon JosefssonClarify that guile.texi dependencies are dependencies...
2007-06-01 Simon JosefssonNeed -I for config.h.
2007-05-31 Ludovic CourtèsMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-05-31 Ludovic CourtesUsage "old-fashion" make suffix rules rather than GNU...
2007-05-31 Simon JosefssonMerge branch 'master' of
2007-05-30 Ludovic CourtèsHandle missing Guile when building the documentation.
2007-05-30 Ludovic CourtèsIntegrated documentation of Guile bindings.
2007-05-28 Simon JosefssonMake sure all images are distributed in all formats...
2007-05-02 Simon JosefssonAdd gnutls-logo.pdf, to fix distcheck.
2007-02-02 Simon JosefssonRemove bibliography.texi.
2006-12-27 Simon JosefssonTiny patch from (Ludovic Courtès).
2006-09-21 Simon JosefssonDist gpl.texi and lgpl.texi.
2006-07-11 Simon JosefssonFix last commit.
2006-07-11 Simon JosefssonDist arch/ images.
2006-07-11 Simon JosefssonNeed -I's for arch/ images.
2006-06-28 Simon JosefssonDist gnutls-logo.png.
2005-12-15 Simon JosefssonAdd TLS/IA support.
2005-11-08 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added some stuff about the internals of gnutls.
2005-10-31 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added some text about digital signatures.
2005-10-28 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added bibliography\!
2005-08-10 Simon JosefssonBuild examples. Fix errors.
2005-06-27 Simon JosefssonDist gnutls-logo.eps.
2005-05-26 Simon JosefssonUpdate FSF office address in license.
2005-04-25 Simon JosefssonDon't regenerate error_codes.texi when gnutls.h is...
2005-04-25 Simon JosefssonDist more.
2005-04-14 Simon JosefssonMake error_codes.texi build, after removing gnutls_erro...
2005-01-26 Simon JosefssonTypo.
2005-01-24 Simon JosefssonClean up license templates.
2004-08-24 Simon JosefssonFix.
2004-08-24 Simon JosefssonGenerate GTK-DOC manuals (libextra/openpgp/ part doesn...
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonRemove old manual.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonFix.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonFix deps.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonReorder.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonFix HTML.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonFix deps.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonBuild more.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonAdd Texinfo API documentation.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonDist more.
2004-08-05 Simon JosefssonBuild error_codes.texi using errcodes.
2004-08-04 Simon JosefssonStart Texinfo manual.
2004-04-14 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2003-10-27 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added manpages created by Ivo Timmermans <>
2003-01-22 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message *** gnutls_0_8_1
2003-01-11 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added some information about the SRP patents in the...
2002-11-15 Nikos Mavrogiannop... example programs are now located in doc/examples directory.
2001-12-16 Nikos Mavrogiannop... removed ASN1.readme.txt
2001-11-23 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2001-11-02 Nikos Mavrogiannop... moved README.CVS to doc/
2001-10-30 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added scripts into distribution
2001-07-28 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Added documentation in TEX
2001-07-28 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added some documentation. Bug fixes in CHANGECIPHER_SPE...
2001-06-22 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added global state.
2001-06-15 Nikos Mavrogiannop... several additions in order to support KX_RSA and X509PKI.
2001-05-30 Nikos Mavrogiannop... gdoc is now included in the cvs
2001-05-30 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2001-05-30 Nikos Mavrogiannop... updated API and documentation. Now we use the gnome...
2001-05-09 Nikos Mavrogiannop... *** empty log message ***
2000-12-17 Nikos Mavrogiannop... removed file gnutls0-0-6
2000-12-05 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added API
2000-11-19 Nikos Mavrogiannop... cleanups
2000-11-12 Nikos Mavrogiannop... added draft-ietf-tls-ciphersuite-01.txt
2000-10-12 Nikos Mavrogiannop... changed in order for rfc's to be included in the distri...
2000-04-09 Nikos Mavrogiannop... Changed directory structure.